A spider in macro sitting in the center of his web.

Tiny world: Spider in Macro

I love photographing the tiny world of spiders in Macro.

Spiders and spider webs just happen to be one of my favorite subjects.

It amazes me as a photographer how much detail is in everything around us. From the very big things in life. To the very small, not visible to the naked eye world.

Spider in Macro on his web photographed from the side.

In these photos I decided to do a side shoot of him or her. So I could capture a different view of the spider and the web.

It looks almost as if he is floating on top of water. The web so delicate, but yet strong enough to capture its prey.

Spider sitting on his web with a rainbow of colors shinning through it.

I love how the sun was shining just right through the web. Because it caught a rainbow, almost stain glass effect.

Even though many are afraid of spiders and yes we do need to be cautious with some species.

Spiders are beautiful up close with their different colors and designs.

I have seen fluorescent greens and blues to pinks and reds close up, on their faces.

As well as eyelashes and beards. Some more hairy than others.

Know your spiders before getting to close.

I don’t recommend you get to close to or handle them for safety reasons.

This one in particular, is not venomous or dangerous. He is a common spider in my area who works hard to keep the bug population in check.

Everything has it’s purpose and it’s place on this earth. When we loose one species everything else becomes unbalanced.

So when ever I find a bug in my house. I just get a container, scoop it up and put it outside.

No reason to kill it, as he has a purpose on this earth and most likely a short one.

Since photographing the world of macro.

I’ve truly become aware of the beauty in this small world and give it the respect it deserves.




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