• You are looking at the entry way into the Rotary Winter Wonderland in Marshfield, WI. This will be going on their 16th year of lighting up the park with Christmas lights and displays. There is a giant light made Christmas tree with a lighted angel on the very top. This tree can be seen through out the park. Because it's so tall. There are lights along the walk way past the tree along with many Christmas displays.

    Marshfield WI Winter Rotary Wonderland

    The Marshfield WI Winter Rotary Wonderland has officially opened! If you’re looking for some Christmas cheer and lots of lights, then head on over to Wildwood Park and Zoo in Marshfield WI. The Rotary Wonderland will be going into their 16th year come 2022. Today they have one of the best Christmas light and animated displays in Central WI. Everyone of all ages will love and enjoy this winter wonderland. They’ve been working since October to put up decorations with over 2 million lights in total. You can either drive through the lighted Christmas road in your vehicle, or dress warm and take a walk through the park while listening…

  • Happy Thanksgiving Day! You are looking at a photo of an American Bald Eagle. Perched on an old pine tree.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving Day, America! While the turkey may be the bird of choice for this time of the season, I thought the great American Eagle would be a nice inspiration to remind us all to stay strong during these tough times. No matter what you all may be facing or fighting, take time to give thanks to the Lord for all that you have. There’s always something to be thankful for no matter your situation. I wish you all a wonderful day with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  • You are looking at Amos The African Grey Parrot. He passed away a year ago and it's taken me this long to share my story about him. I had him for 26 years, from a hatchling.

    Amos The African Grey Parrot

    In loving memory of Amos, the African Grey Parrot On this day, November 17th, 2020, we lost our little buddy of 26 years. It’s taken me a year to write this because he’s been so missed, and our hearts have still not healed. I’m sure you all can relate to losing a feathered, furry, or scaly loved one. To most of us, they aren’t just pets, they’re family. If you’ve never had a parrot come through your life, you may be missing out on something special. While they are not meant for everyone, they are the perfect fit for me. Parrots, no matter how big or small, are incredibly smart…

  • You are looking at a Green Heron standing on a log a long side a painted turtle. In the middle of a pond waiting for it's next meal.

    Green Heron Fishing Alongside A Painted Turtle

    When it comes to fishing, the green heron is very still and patient. While waiting for his prey to swim up to the surface, this particular heron was joined by a painted turtle near his perch on a log in the middle of a pond. green herons are a small heron that are most widely distributed throughout much of the U.S. and up to Canada. Their favorite habitats are near large marshes, streams, and ponds, in fresh or salt water. Description The green heron can range from 15″ to 22″ (38-56cm), which is about crow sized. They are a small dark heron with bright orange or yellowish feet. Their head…

  • You are looking at my Vintage Gas Pump 3D Box Card. This vintage gas pump made from off whit and green textured scrapbooking paper. With old vintage looking designer paper for the accents. Looks just like an old 1930's gas pump. I used a black and white ribbon for the gas pumps hose attached to the nozzle. I also added a matching green jewel brad for added interest.

    Vintage Gas Pump 3D Box Card

    If you have a vintage collector in your life, then this Vintage Gas Pump 3D Box Card would be the perfect gift! This fun box card is so easy to put together that you’ll want to do a couple at the same time so you’ll have extras to give for Father’s Day, birthdays, or just because. The Vintage Gas Pump is an svg file that can be purchased from SVGCuts.com. You can either purchase the gas pump 3D card by itself, or get it with the Pit Stop Box Cards Kit. The kit comes with a total of five different box cards. I’ve personally made four cards from the kit.…