• You are looking at two bars of handcrafted goldenrod soap. It's a light soft yellow color and very gentle on the skin. This soap creates nice soft silky bubbles. This is from my post Goldenrod Handcrafted Soap.

    Goldenrod Handcrafted Soap

    What can you do with Goldenrod, you make Goldenrod handcrafted soap! It’s that’s time of the year when the landscape in my area, becomes blanketed in bright yellow sweet smelling flowers. There are many medicinal uses for goldenrod  one is it’s healing properties for the skin. It can help to sooth eczema as well as heal burns and wounds. When using goldenrod in soap making, it creates a nice soothing bar that doesn’t dry my skin out. I  use this soap both on my face and body  Just remember not to get the soap into your eyes, because it will burn as it is real soap.  Goldenrod verses Ragweed Many…

  • You are looking at many of the vendors from across the river from the Marshfield Maple Fest. This is a very colorful photo, all the vendor tents are reflecting in the river behind them. This is a post from Marshield 27th Annual Maple Fest.

    Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest

    The Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest is all about the Maple Syrup. Here in Wisconsin we have a large maple industry in our area. So they come together every year to sell, and have a maple syrup, maple dessert contest. This is right up my maple alley because I tap maple trees as well on my own property. There’s also a Maple Fest Breakfast each morning from 7 am until noon, Saturday and Sunday. Serving maple sausage by the Wenzel Family Farms. Arts and Crafts There are over a 150 handmade arts and crafts vendors. Everything you could ever want from metal work, jewelry, wood art, a little something…

  • You are looking at my completed Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath, from my Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath post. The flowers are cut from paper in a bright sunflower color with glitter in the center of the 3D flowers.

    Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath

    Fall is my favorite time of the year for making wreaths, and the Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath is a favorite. This wreath is from the Harvest Sunset SVG Kit, from SVG.com. If your a lover of sunflowers or even grow them like I do, then this is the kit for you. Mary the designer and owner of svgcuts, is a very talented designer. I have purchased her svg cut files for many years and have made many of her projects. She makes follow along videos to put her SVG files together, which I’m so grateful that she does. Because some of her projects like her houses, can be tricky to…

  • You are looking at the completed Hello Fall makeover sign. From the Easy DIY Fall Hanger: From The Dollar Tree post. It's shaped in a pumpkin with a glitter gold frame. I added natural raffia, fall leaves and an orange sunflower at the top.

    Easy DIY Fall Door Hanger: From the Dollar Tree

    Fall is finally here, my favorite time of the year. It’s also time to decorate, if your looking for something really quick and easy. Then give this cute easy DIY fall door hanger a try. Angie from  Burton Avenue.com . came up with this brilliant Dollar Tree makeover idea! She’s one of my very favorite svg designers, and she shares her files for free for a limited time. So check out her website and sign up for her weekly inspiration, to get your crafting ideas going. What you’ll need “Hello Fall” svg file from BurtonAvenue.com Vinyl (I used siser HTV Easyweed Electic, in orange and white) Iron on protective sheet…

  • Trains, Planes and Automobiles. You are looking at a black and white photo of a train crossing over and old metal bridge. High above the Wisconsin River.

    Trains, Planes and Automobiles

    Trains, Planes and Automobiles make for some interesting subjects in photography. I love the industrial sleek lines you get from them, either in black, white or any color you choose. They make for some interesting conversation pieces. When hung on a wall or in a frame sitting on a coffee table. I photographed the locomotive in Stevens Point, Wisconsin down under the old metal bridge, crossing the Wisconsin River. I waited for quit some time for that train to begin it’s crossing. It seemed as if the engineer was teasing. Because he’s pull up to the bridge look down at me, then pull back, back and forth he’d go. Then…