Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips. Percy Bysshe Shelley

 Love, what a beautiful sight! I happened to be out on a day of photography, when I happen to see this newly wedded couple on April 21, 2018.

 Aren’t they so sweet, dressed western and looking like a fairy tale.  The sight of these two brought tears to my eyes, I was very happy for them. 

 As I walked past them I wished them the very best and complemented the Bride on her beautiful dress.

 I began to think about my own son’s up coming wedding. Seeing that young couple made things very real. How fast our little ones grow up, leave the nest and before we know it are getting married.

 While walking and thinking with tears in my eyes. I look up and see the wedding party awaiting the Bride and Groom to return.

 So I decided to take photos of them casually waiting. I love the guy standing by the bridge sign and the young gal walking back into the bridge with her cowgirl boots on.

 I stopped and congratulated the wedding party and told them, they all looked wonderful and that I loved the boots. Wished them all my best and on my way I went!

  There’s nothing like a wedding to give a person a lot of joy. Even if it’s not even yours to be apart of.

 I wish this young couple all the best, be patient, kind and forgiving to one another. As those three things go a long way.










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