Chickadee hanging upside down off of my patio umbrella.

Black-capped Chickadee: Bug hunting

Have you ever just sat and watched the Black-capped Chickadee on a bug hunt?

They really are quit comical to watch because they can move around like little acrobat’s.

Hanging upside down and moving around like they are on a trapeze. Swinging back and forth, to and frow.

Little Chickadee with his wing spread out. Holding on to the patio umbrella.

These sweet little birds are very friendly which is surprising for their size.

It seems the bigger birds such as the Crows are more cautious than these little characters.

When ever I go out for a photo session I seem to get visited by my little friends.

They are usually very curious with my camera gear.

One day I was photographing with my Tamron 150/600mm lens  and one of those fluff balls decided to have a close up look for himself.

He or she decided to perch on the end of  the lens hood and peaked over to look inside the glass.

What a great photo that would have made! But, of course I was busy watching him instead of my camera.

Chickadee watching me photographing him while he's looking for bugs.


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