• You are looking at three male turkeys all fluffed up. Spring is in the air and they are strutting their stuff.

    Spring Is In The Air: Turkeys Strutting Their Stuff

    Spring is in the air and the turkeys are strutting their stuff. Like many areas around the country we have lots of turkeys. When it’s that time of the year for the males to start showing off their stuff for that special gal. Gobbler The male turkey or gobbler has a distinctive fleshy wattle or protuberance that hangs from the top of the beak ( called a snood). The length of the snood determines the male turkeys health. Female turkeys (hens) prefer males with long snoods. The snood length can also be used to predict the winner of a competition between males. So when spring is in the air the…

  • You are looking at a Lensball in front of a sheet of card stock with hearts all over it. The Lensball gives a nice artistic reflection of the hearts. The center heart is red, while the others around it are black. This is from my post, " Happy Valentine's Day: With a Lensball".

    Happy Valentine’s Day: With a Lensball

    Happy Valentine’s Day with a Lensball! What a fun way to say I love you from a photographer. Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, mine is a little different than most. I’m just not into all the commercial ways of spending the heart day. Don’t send me candy or flowers, those things just add unwanted calories and the beautiful flowers wither away. I prefer to get a new piece of camera gear (a Lensball in this case) or a Latte, or to just pamper myself a little extra that day. No matter how you like to enjoy the Day of Love, single or not, take some…

  • You are looking at the February Snow Full Moon. Also known as the Hunger or Storm Full Moon.

    February Snow Full Moon: 2020

    February Snow Full Moon 2020, also known as the Hunger or Storm Moon, by some of the Native Americans. I photographed tonight’s full moon at 9:11 pm Central time. The moon phase was at 98.9% Waxing Gibbous. The above photo, of the February Snow Full Moon 2020 was taken on Feb. 8th around 5:39 pm. It was at 99.7% full with clouds passing by. The color of the Snow Moon was golden in the evening sky. I took this photo with my kit lens, the Nikon 18-140mm lens. This is actually one of my favorite go to lens when I’m out and about on my walks. It’s not heavy lens…

  • You are looking at one of Wisconsin's Iconic scenes, a traditional red barn. The sky was so purple, pink and blue in the background. We had a heavy snowfall the day before, and there's a beautiful blanket of snow.

    Happy New Year And Decade From Wisconsin

    Happy New Year and decade from Wisconsin! What an exciting time to be alive, to actually get to be apart of 2020. We are now officially living in the future of science fiction. I can’t wait to see what new technology is going to be developed, welcome to the roaring 20’s. The day before New Years Eve we got quit a bit of snow. The landscape was just beautiful and the snow was still sticking to the trees today, so I my sidekick and I took a drive to see the winter wonderland. The clouds cleared and the sun shined brightly on fresh fallen snow. We hadn’t seen the sun…

  • You are looking at several December Wisconsin Snowflakes in three different shapes. One looks like a traditional snowflake with a 3d center and it's six sides. THe second is is more rounded and layered with great crystal detail. The third is of in the distance, blurred and has six sides as well.

    December Wisconsin Snowflakes

    December Wisconsin Snowflakes, we finally got a decent snow fall during the day. So I was able to get some macro photos of those beautiful crystals. The weather went from rain, sleet then snow in a matter of minutes. I waited for a bit for the temps to get cooler so the snowflakes formed their shapes, other wise they’d look like a solid clump. You can see as the temperature began to drop the crystals began to form their individual shape. The colder it gets they would begin to fall from the sky individually. Love how the centers have the 3d affect from the December Wisconsin Snowflakes. What I Use…