The sun glowing in orange pink. The smoke from the Canadian fires has clouded our skies in Wisconsin that it's changed the suns color.

Canada’s wild fires smoke hit Wisconsin

In recent weeks Canada’s wild fires smoke has hit Wisconsin’s skies.

Today it was very thick with the heavy smoke in the air. It literally smelled like an ongoing campfire.

The smoky haze changed the color of the sun to an orange pink. Almost as if the sun was going through a solar eclipse.

The smoky skies with the lingering scent of the Canadian wild fires.

When I photograph the sun I use a specialty Threaded Camera Filter from Thousand Oaks Optical. It’s made from their Solarlite filter material found in their telescope solar filters.

They come in all sizes, and feature universal camera threads. I used this filter last year for the big solar eclipse show that was here in the USA.

The threaded camera filters last up to 5 years. Before each use it’s recommended that you closely examine your filter in case it has developed any wear and tear.

If there’s any pin holes or the Solarlite is pulling away from the metal ring. Then you’re not going to want to continue to use it. That could damage your eyesight or your camera. Never look directly at the sun without eye protection even if it’s clouded over.

They also sell their Solarlite filter in sheets or bulk rolls. So your able to make your own custom filter for your specific lens.

When it’s time for me to replace my filter, I’ll be purchasing the sheets. So I can cut out several different sizes for my different lens.

When I purchased the threaded filter, they were completely sold out on all their filters. Because everyone was getting ready to photograph the big 2017 Solar Eclipse.

I also use a pair of Solar Viewers when I’m photographing the sun. That way I can look at it when I’m not viewing it through my lens.

Always remember safety first!

Happy star-gazing! 


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