Macro Rain Drops

Rain drops on the spider web looks like pearls..

Macro Rain Drops up close, on a spider web. Have you ever looked at them up close?

Well, I have and there quite beautiful. All the rainbow of colors comes through. They glisten like little gems floating on a silver string.

We’ve had so much rain in Wisconsin that it’s been difficult to get out and do much fall photography.

This is my favorite time of year and of course, the most beautiful of all the seasons. But that’s just me, because I’m partial to those warm, vibrant colors.

The further back I photograph, the more the water droplets. Look like little gems strung on a silver string.

When I zoomed back from the droplets of water, you can see more of the spider web and it’s shape.

Still beautiful glistening, it amazes me how strong those tiny little strings are. How they can with stand the strong wind and rain.

That spider has been in that area for a good share of the summer. I was quite surprised he’s stuck around for so long. They usually move on after a few days.

He must have found the perfect spot for catching his meals.

If you look closely at the first photo, you can see my reflection with my camera in the water droplet.

Reflection photography is one of my favorites, there’s so much that can be captured and stories told.

If you love taking pics with reflections, consider your pets eye, a glass window or even ice. There are so many possibilities, it’s just where your imagination can take you.

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