You are looking at a group of turkeys walking down the road because it snowed to deep for them. This is from my post, The Day Before Thanksgiving.

The Day Before Thanksgiving

The Day Before Thanksgiving we got about 4-6 inches of snow in my area of Central Wisconsin. The local natives had a bit of a difficult time navigating through it. You see the turkey with the light blonde feathers? That’s blonde, she’s been around for a long time. The first time I saw her, she was pecking at the ground around my bird feeder when she was a little one. She’s always had a special place in my heart, because there aren’t any like her around. Blonde seem’s to keep everyone in line, once in a while she enforces the pecking order. When the winter snow begins, I  keep a path cleared. From my driveway all the way back to my bird feeder just for the turkeys. They can have a pretty tough time of it around here, as the snow gets quite deep.

You are looking at an old barn out in the distance surrounded by the heavy wet snow that blanketed the ground. This is form my post, The Day Before Thanksgiving.

After my short visit with Blonde and the gang. I went for a drive to photograph the beautiful snowfall. The winds were just a blowing taking the snow with it across the farm fields.

You are looking at the same barn with an bit of an orange sunset peaking through the clouds. This from my post, The Day Before Thanksgiving.

In The Country

Not to long after I’d gone out for my drive, the clouds began to give way, and the sun showed a bit of it’s self. I love how the snow stuck to the trees it gave it a very Norman Rockwell look. This farm is one of my favorites out in the country. I photograph it all the time through out the different seasons. Barns have a special place in my heart, each one is different and has a story to tell. I wish the folks in Wisconsin would try and preserve their barns. Because they are an important part of this states history, once their gone, their gone. It always saddens me when I see those old barns falling down or being torn down.

You are looking at the snow covered trees. The snow was very wet and heavy. That it caused the branches to hang to the ground.

This particular snowfall was a heavy and wet one. So heavy that it caused the branches of the trees to fall to the ground. My Lilac bush was almost laid flat! There were lots of branches broken off everywhere I looked. I was quite surprised we didn’t have a power outage with the amount of branches on the ground and the weight of the snow. When you live in an area with so many trees, it’s important to be prepared in case the power does go out. No matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall.

You are looking at a Horse Ranch Barn covered in the fresh fallen snow. With a field of corn that never got harvested. This is from my post, The Day Before Thanksgiving..

The day before Thanksgiving was a beautiful sight. I’m sure it wasn’t so much fun, for those who had to travel on this snowy day. To get to their loved ones on Thanksgiving day. The roads were very icy and the wind didn’t help, but all in all it was very pretty.

You are looking at what we call a "Tree Tunnel". Were the trees are over the road and their tops over lap each other. One of my favorite areas near my town.

In Town

After a little drive in the country, I came back into town to get a view of Rib Mountain, the highest peak in the state.

You are looking at Rib Mountain also known as Granite Peak. This is our very popular ski hill and the highest area in Wisconsin.

As the evening drew to a close the sun pecked out for just a little bit. It glowed in gold on a building across from the river bank. With the sky showing it’s pink and blue above.

The day before Thanksgiving was a beautiful and an exciting one. Once in a while we just need to set things aside and take a drive. Life is to short to be serious all the time, so I say get outside and enjoy!

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