A macro close up of a Stick bugs eye. Orange in color with brown stripes.

Macro photography: Green Stick Bug

Macro up close of a green Stick Bug walking up a tree.

If you have ever wondered what a green Stick Bug looks like up close, then this is the photo for your.

I was visiting my family’s farm and my dad happen to see this guy hanging around on a tree.

Lucky for me I never leave the house with out my camera or macro lens.

Because you just never know what may come along.

A macro close up of a green Stick bug.

I just love these guys! A person doesn’t get to see them very often and are a wonder to watch them.

When they walk, they walk rather wobbly. I’m not sure if it’s a defense mechanism or if it’s just the way they are.

His or her eye is just beautiful, the brown, gold and orange going through it is amazing! I would have loved to capture him with his front legs down, but he never budged them.

Even up close and personal they truly do look like sticks. As he climbed up the tree he reached the leaves and easily became hidden, or camouflaged in them.

To the naked eye, most would have not even noticed him.

What a special treat it was to photograph this wonderful little creature up close. Happy Bugging!

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