You are looking at many of the vendors from across the river from the Marshfield Maple Fest. This is a very colorful photo, all the vendor tents are reflecting in the river behind them. This is a post from Marshield 27th Annual Maple Fest.

Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest

The Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest is all about the Maple Syrup. Here in Wisconsin we have a large maple industry in our area. So they come together every year to sell, and have a maple syrup, maple dessert contest. This is right up my maple alley because I tap maple trees as well on my own property. There’s also a Maple Fest Breakfast each morning from 7 am until noon, Saturday and Sunday. Serving maple sausage by the Wenzel Family Farms. You are looking at some metal art work pumpkins for sale at the Marshfield 27th annual Maple Fest. From the post Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fest post.Arts and Crafts

There are over a 150 handmade arts and crafts vendors. Everything you could ever want from metal work, jewelry, wood art, a little something for everyone!

Including a live chainsaw artist carving away, this is one of my favorite art styles. I could have watched him all day.

You are looking at the chainsaw artist. Sawing out his art piece, so much fun to watch is art come alive. This is from the post Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fest.

If your not into Halloween and the “trick or treaters”. Place this little guy with his sign on your front porch, that may keep them away.

You are looking at a pumpkin cut out from a chainsaw. It has a sign on the pumpkin that says " go away". This piece is for those who don't want "trick or treaters". This is from my post Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fest.

Candles and Soaps

If your looking for candle or soap makers, they are there too. Since I myself am a soap maker myself, I had to stop in and visit Willow Pond Soaps.

You are looking at one of the handmade soap vendors from The Willow Pond Soap LLC. Her soaps smelled amazing! THis is from my post Marshfield 27th Annual Fall Maple Fest

Beth, the owner of Willow Pond Soaps has created a lovely brand of soaps, bath bombs, bath steamers and so much more. Her items not only are gorgeous, but they smelled so yummy! It was a lot of fun talking with a fellow soap maker. We had a great conversation on nothing but soap. I learned a lot from her years of experience and inside info, she generously shared. Thank you Beth and Don!

You are looking at some of the vendors tents along the walk way. As well as some areas for the kids to play. This is from my post Marshfield 27th Annual Fall Maple Fest.

Fun for everyone

There is something at the Fall Maple Fest for everyone of all ages, including several fun places for the kids, giant balls to roll around in and of course the bouncy houses. As well as the make and take areas.

Maple Syrup and Food

There was plenty of food vendors everything from maple everything, nuts to cheese, after all when in Wisconsin.

You are looking at a fresh roasted nuts vendor. If your not allergic to nuts. Then this was the place to be.

You just can’t leave the state without our famous cheese, were not called cheese heads for nothing!

You are looking at one of Wisconsin's best known foods, Cheese! Yes there was an amazing cheese vendor selling delicious fresh handmade cheeses. From my post Marshfield 27th Maple Fall Fest post.

Wildwood Zoo

When you’ve finished walking through all the vendors, take a stroll over to the Wildwood Zoo. There’s plenty to see including Kodiak bears.

You are looking at two Kodiak Bears wrestling around with each offer. This is from my post Marshfield 27th Annual Fall Fest.

These two happened to be the high light of the zoo. They were wrestling around in their pool, then decided to get out and have at it!

After their fun, they decided to take a stroll over Bear Bridge, which is the entrance to Wildwood Zoo.

There’s lots to see at this zoo, Buffalo, wolves, cats, birds and lots more. Even though the Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest is now over, you can still head over to visit the zoo.

If your interested in other Festivals, Craft shows, Art shows or events, around Wisconsin you can find plenty here, that will take you all the way through this beautiful time of the year.

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