You are looking at the entry way into the Rotary Winter Wonderland in Marshfield, WI. This will be going on their 16th year of lighting up the park with Christmas lights and displays. There is a giant light made Christmas tree with a lighted angel on the very top. This tree can be seen through out the park. Because it's so tall. There are lights along the walk way past the tree along with many Christmas displays.

Marshfield WI Winter Rotary Wonderland

The Marshfield WI Winter Rotary Wonderland has officially opened! If you’re looking for some Christmas cheer and lots of lights, then head on over to Wildwood Park and Zoo in Marshfield WI.

The Rotary Wonderland will be going into their 16th year come 2022. Today they have one of the best Christmas light and animated displays in Central WI. Everyone of all ages will love and enjoy this winter wonderland.

They’ve been working since October to put up decorations with over 2 million lights in total. You can either drive through the lighted Christmas road in your vehicle, or dress warm and take a walk through the park while listening to the Christmas music. You’ll enjoy every colorful sight along the way!

You are looking at a photo I took. From Marshfield, WI Rotary Winter Wonderland. There is a giant tree made of LED lights. They change colors from red to green.


Marshfield WI Winter Rotary Wonderland

Wildwood Park & Zoo

608 W. 17th., Marshfield. WI 54449

Information: 715-384-4314

Event Date Detail

Nov 26, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021. Daily 5-9pm. There is no entry fee, but cash and food donations are encouraged to help with the local food pantries.

This year they will have horse-drawn wagon rides on Saturdays. Santa will be making visits, and they will have live music on the weekends.

You are looking at a colorful display of big gingerbread characters along the walk way. With Christmas trees twinkling along side. This is in Marshfield, WI Rotary Wonderland Christmas light display.

The Rotary club adds more lights and animated displays to the park every year. It truly is beautiful!

You are looking at a display of Mary and Joseph in moving Christmas lights. Mary is riding a donkey all brightly colored. his was from Marshfield, WI Winter Wonderland.

Everywhere you look there is something amazing to see.

You are looking at LED Lights strung from the trees as well as colored Christmas balls. Along a walk way decorated with poinsettias. Lights are strung on each side of the walk way. It's very magical.

Take Those Photos 

If you love taking pictures of lights, you’ll have a blast here. There are so many displays to choose from, it will be difficult to get shots of them all! If you’re serious about taking Christmas light photos, bring your DSLR camera and favorite night lens along with a tripod to hold the camera still. If you’re not used to taking photos of bright lights at night, do a little practicing at home a few days before you go so you can dial in your settings. Otherwise, you might end up fussing with your camera in the cold and missing all the action.

You are looking at a walk way aligned with many different Christmas lights. So many colors of red, green, white, blue. On the right side of the walk way, is a giant animated LED Santa. Waving his hand and saying "HO HO HO". He is dressed in red, white and blue lights. What a happy old chap!

Have A Merry Season!

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