• You are looking at a row of luminary lights along an old train track. THat you can snowshoe or hike along side. This was an event put on by the town of Merrill, Wisconsin. This from my post, "Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes".

    Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes

    Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes are one way to beat the winter blues and enjoy some winter fun. All around the state of Wisconsin you can find Luminary hikes, around the towns or in the parks. These events are usually free so this is a really fun activity for family’s. River Bend Trail This candlelight snowshoe hike event took place in Merrill, Wisconsin at the River Bend Trail. Trirvent Trail Loop Participants are welcome to hike on the plowed trail, or snowshoe on the side of the trail.Then take a detour onto the candlelit Trirvent Trail and loop near the bridge. Merrill Dam On the way back you can take the plowed…

  • You are looking at the Welcoming signs at HZU's Sunflower Maze. The sunflowers are 10 feet tall or more. They are blooming bright yellow and facing the sun.

    Sunflower Maze Days at HSU

    Welcome to the Sunflower Maze Days at HSU growing Supply. The Sunflower Maze will be open for touring and pictures Mon-Fri 7-4:30 and Sat 8-2 Sept 3rd-14th. This is a FREE event. Even though this event was from last month. I wanted to share with you their beautiful Sunflower patch and garden. So you can maybe put it on your calendar for next years visit. Classes HSU and his employees have planted the Sunflower Maze Days at HSU Growing Supply for several years. They also do hands on classes for both kids and adults, if you want to learn more about gardening. Ginseng HSU’s also owns ginseng farms and gives…

  • You are looking at the entry way into Helen's Apple Orchard near Merrill, Wisconsin. I go there every year to pick my own apples and pumpkins. This photo is from my post, Apple Orchards are in full swing.

    Apple Orchards Are In Full Swing

    September is the time of the year when Wisconsin Apple Orchards are in full swing. There are several large orchards around my area, one of my favorites is Helene’s Hilltop Orchard. Helen’s opens their doors to apple pickers mid-September through October. October 1st is pumpkin picking day. So if your in need of fresh apples or pumpkins for Jack-o-lanterns, Helene’s it is! Pick Your Own I have taken my kids there since they were very little, so that’s over 20 years. We have gone every year to pick our own apples, pumpkins and eat the baked goodies. Fun For All  its such a great experience for kids and adults of…

  • You are looking at many of the vendors from across the river from the Marshfield Maple Fest. This is a very colorful photo, all the vendor tents are reflecting in the river behind them. This is a post from Marshield 27th Annual Maple Fest.

    Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest

    The Marshfield 27th Annual Maple Fall Fest is all about the Maple Syrup. Here in Wisconsin we have a large maple industry in our area. So they come together every year to sell, and have a maple syrup, maple dessert contest. This is right up my maple alley because I tap maple trees as well on my own property. There’s also a Maple Fest Breakfast each morning from 7 am until noon, Saturday and Sunday. Serving maple sausage by the Wenzel Family Farms. Arts and Crafts There are over a 150 handmade arts and crafts vendors. Everything you could ever want from metal work, jewelry, wood art, a little something…

  • You are looking at a group of exploding fireworks, in gold and red on the Fourth of July.
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    Independence Day: Fourth of July

    Independence Day also known as the Fourth of July, is an American national holiday. That honors the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Americans traditionally celebrate the holiday with family outings that conclude with colorful displays of fireworks. For a list of events and fireworks show in the Wisconsin area, go here. This is also the time that we celebrate the birthday of the United States of America.  The founders of the new nation considered Independence Day an important occasion for rejoicing. John Adams said, ” I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought…