You are looking at my completed Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath, from my Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath post. The flowers are cut from paper in a bright sunflower color with glitter in the center of the 3D flowers.

Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath

Fall is my favorite time of the year for making wreaths, and the Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath is a favorite. This wreath is from the Harvest Sunset SVG Kit, from If your a lover of sunflowers or even grow them like I do, then this is the kit for you.

Mary the designer and owner of svgcuts, is a very talented designer. I have purchased her svg cut files for many years and have made many of her projects. She makes follow along videos to put her SVG files together, which I’m so grateful that she does. Because some of her projects like her houses, can be tricky to put together. I’d be totally lost with out them. She also provides a PDF showing how the pieces are cut out, the colors of the paper, and any embellishments you’ll need. The only thing is, you need an electronic cutting machine to cut the projects out. I’m going to share with you what I used for my version of the Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath. I chose the traditional sunflower yellow paper, but you can choose which ever color you like. This is my second Sunflower I’ve made, one for my mom and one for me.

What I used

  • American Crafts Sunflower yellow textured 12 x 12 sheets cardstock
  • American Crafts green Spinach textured 12×12 sheets cardstock
  • Dark brown textured 12×12 sheets cardstock from Joann Fabrics
  • Black glitter, Gold chunky glitter, Copper chunky glitter
  • Natural raffia
  •  Coiled garland from Michael’s
  • 5-foot decorative string battery powered lights, in warm LED light
  • 5-inch wide burlap ribbon from Michael’s
  • 18″ wreath from Michael’s
  • Silhouette Cameo 3
  • Alieen’s original tacky glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • variety of brown ink pads

What I did

First thing I did was get all my pieces cut out, the sunflowers first,

You are looking at a set of sunflowers being cut out with my silhouette Cameo. For the Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath. from my Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath post. Sunflower centers secondly,

You are looking at the sunflower centers being cut out with my Silhouette Cameo, for the Harvest Sunset Wreath, from my Harvest Sunflower Sunset Wreath post.Sunflower petals thirdly,

You are looking at a sunflower leaf cut out, inked around the edges for depth. I'll be gluing them to the bottom of the 3d layered sunflowers. This is from my Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath post.Next is the inking, and shaping part. I used two different colors of ink near the center of my sunflower to give it extra depth. Then I pinched and bent the petals, as Mary stated. I only used one brown ink on my leaves. Then I glued the three layers of sunflower petals together. I let them dry before I glued the leaves on.

You are looking at the sunflower petals and the leaves, both inked, folded, and glued together. They are 3d and look like a real sunflower.Once I finish gluing the flowers and leaves together. I sat them aside and put the sunflower centers together.

You are looking at the glued 3D sunflower centers, ready for glitter. This is from my Harvest Sunset Sunflower post. They will take you some time to put together, so don’t rush. Or you’ll get some uneven 3D centers. There are three pieces to piece together and glue. I let the centers completely dry over night so they’d be nice and sturdy before applying glitter. I used an all black glitter around the base, and in the center.

You are looking at the sunflower centers all glittered. I used black in the center and on the sides. With chunky gold around the center. THis is from my post Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath.

Then glued the chunky gold on the center rim. I let them dry most of day then attached the centers to the sunflowers. You’ll need to hold down the centers for a bit. So the glue will take hold and your flower will center will sit flat.

You are looking at the completed sunflowers, all glued together and glittered. The finished sunflower is about 6.2" wide, 8.5" and two inches deep. This is from the Harvest Sunset Sunflower Wreath post.Once the centers glue has dried, I glued chunky copper glitter around the outer base of the sunflower centers. I sat the sunflowers aside so the chunky copper glitter would dry and  started to work on the wreath base.

You are looking at at wreath base, that I wrapped burlap around and hot glued it in place. Then I put a berry garland around it as well. Then a string of warm battery operated LED lights. Using a hot glue gun, I glued the beginning of my burlap to the wreath. Then wrapped it tightly and evenly around the wreath. When I got to the end point I cut the burlap and hot glued the end in place. I then place my garland where I wanted it and hot glued it in a couple of areas. The came the little battery operated LED lights. I didn’t hot glue them, I just kind of weeded them in with the garland.  Now for the sunflowers, I hot glued them evenly on top of the garland. Then finished it off with raffia.You are looking at the wreath finished with the sunflowers in place and hot glued down. I then wove natural raffia in between the flowers and garland. THis is from the Harvest Sunset Sunflower post.

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