You are looking at the Santa Train Box Card I made for this years Christmas cards. The train reminds me of the fun Christmas trains folks love to use around their Christmas trees. I used traditional colors with gold foiled wheels and gemstones. There's also a happy smiling Santa inside the train.

Santa Train Box Card

It’s looking a lot like Christmas, and it’s time for a Santa Train Box Card crafting day! If you have a train collector in your life, or you just like locomotives, this is the perfect holiday card to send or display. Trains and Christmas just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

That said, this Santa train box card doesn’t need to be only for the holidays. You could change it up with other paper colors for different seasons or celebrations.

Since this is an svg file, you’ll need an electronic cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo to cut out the design’s pieces.

You can purchase this box card separately or with the complete Toy Land svg kit at Mary, the creator of this card, is one of my favorite svg designers. She just has a way of creating high quality paper crafts.

Now, lets get started making this cute 3D box card for you or that special someone in your life!

Materials Needed

  • Electronic cutting machine (Silhouette Cameo, Cricut or other)
  • Red textured card stock for the card base (I use American crafts)
  • Patterned paper. My favorite is Carta Bella (I used this paper pack)
  • Recollections gold paper 
  • 3D dots or foam squares
  • Paper craft glue of choice (My preferred is Aleene’s Tacky glue)
  • Ink pads to match your chosen papers (I used distress ink in fire red)
  • Sponge for inking
  • White gel pen of choice
  • Rhinestone stickers

Everything I’ve listed I purchased myself. There are no affiliated links.


1. Purchase your Santa Train Box Card and print off the included PDF. You can also follow along with Mary’s assembly video. Her videos are extremely helpful and I recommend you watch them before starting your project so you can see how everything goes together. It helps to watch it again step by step while you craft your own.

2. Cut out your svg pieces for the box card along with the included perfectly sized envelope. Separate all the pieces and ink the edges to add dimension. Set the inked pieces aside to dry. I did not ink the gold foiled paper.

You are looking at the cut out pieces of the Santa Train Box Card. In this photo I show the red train base, the stars I'll be adding for decoration. As well as the gold foiled wheels, base for the engine light and the front grill of the train.

Dot The Eyes

3. Put the Santa together. This is where you’ll need the pop dots. Once your Santa has been assembled, take your white gel pen and dot his pupils.

You are looking at the Santa that gets glued on to the center, of the Santa Train Card. I used pop dots on his white hat to make it stand out as well as the ball on the end of his hat. He is happy and jolly with a big grin on his face.

Assembling The Layers

4. Glue the layers to the train’s base. When gluing the gold foil paper, use a light touch and try not to let the glue ooze out from the sides. If you get glue on the foil, it won’t wipe off very easily, and may leave smudge marks on your shiny paper. I always keep paper towel on hand and use that to press over the top of my shiny papers. This helps to keep finger prints and smudges at bay.

5. Stamp your message on the white piece that goes on the back. Make sure you pay attention so you’re stamping on the correct side.

Tip: Sometimes the paper will warp or bend a little if I happen to use too much glue when adding layers, or if the glue is too “wet”.  To solve this problem, I just lay my card layers between two layers of scrap paper and set a stack of very heavy books on top them. I’ll leave it sit for a day or two to flatten any bowed layers. Make sure the glue is completely dry before doing this.

You are looking at all the pieces of the Santa Train Box Card. That I cut out on my silhouette cameo 3. I inked the edges in a dark red ink to give dimension. I then glued on the layers of the trains base. I allow my glued papers pieces to dry fully to make sure they dry flat. If they dry with wrinkles or bends. The card will not go together well.


6. Glue the smaller embellishments onto the Santa Train’s wheels, and attach the larger embellishment onto the front of the train to act as the headlight.

You are looking at the front of the Santa Train. I used red and white stripped card stock and shiny gold paper. The gold paper was cut in a circle so it looks like the base of it's headlight. I then added a large round gemstone in the center of the gold circle. So now it really does look like a headlight for the train.

Putting The Santa Train Box Card Together

7. Glue together the train base by its tabs. Make sure the box card is straight and level. Let dry, then glue the front panel with the headlight on. Let this dry completely as well.

You are looking the center of the 3D train card. This part of the card has the Santa on it, as well as trains bell and smoke stack.

8. Now, add in the middle section of the card with Santa’s face. Make sure to glue the tabs flush and level with the card so it will sit in there straight. Once the glue takes hold, fold the train box card back and forth to make sure it folds flat.

You are looking at the Santa Train Christmas Card from the side view. The top layer is red card stock with white snowflakes. I also stamped "Merry Christmas" to the receiver. Then I add a star with red berries and green leaves on top. I used pop dots to give the star a 3D affect. It's very cheery and Christmassy.

Adding The Stars and Berries 

10. Last, but not least, place your large star onto the back side of the Santa Train Box Card. I used dimensional squares to pop the star up. Add the berries and holly leaves. Gently bend the leaves down the center to give them dimension as well.

You are looking at the back of the completed 3D Christmas Card. It has a red and white stripped paper panel for added design. I also placed a small star with red berries and green leaves on top. I used pop dots to give the star a 3D affect.

11. Do the same with the smaller star on the back.

12. Allow your creation to fully dry while you assemble and glue the included envelope that you’ve cut out. Set that aside to dry as well. Then, fold your card as Mary shows in her video, and you’re all done and good to go. Choo Choo!

 Happy Crafting!

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