3d Owl sitting on a pumpkin box card.

Happy Halloween Box Card

The best way to say, Happy Halloween! Is with a cute 3d box card from svgcuts.com.

If you love to make specialty cards for the holidays or for family and friends. Then the 3d cards are the way to go. They are really a fun way to grab someones attention in a very special way.

Side view of the cute 3d owl box card.

I love, love Mary’s svg files. Especially her box cards, she has created sets for every holiday and season. If your feeling really creative, you can change-up her cards.

I have most of her box cards and sometimes take parts of one card, and add it to another. Or use one of her card bases, and create a whole new one.

This owl happens to come from the Halloween Box Card set, just newly released.

It comes with 5 different card files, and an envelope file. You’ll also get a PDF for instructions, to print off for putting everything together. As well as an extras folder.

Mary also makes YouTube instruction videos on how to put each of her projects together.

They are very helpful, I recommended you watch them when putting your svg cuts together.

A view of the 3d owl box card from the top.

Mary’s box cards fold up nicely in their custom-made envelopes.

If you’re wanting to send them in the mail. Just put them in padded envelopes and send them out.

I’ve sent many in padded envelopes through the mail and they’ve all made it safely to their destinations.

The back of the owl 3d box card. A place where you can stamp a sentiment.

The 3d cards have so much detail to them. That they are fun to look at from the back as well.

The back of the cards have a place to either stamp a sentiment or hand write something.

I chose not to stamp or write anything on the back on this card.

Because I wanted to light up the pumpkin with a small battery operated tea light.

I just placed the tea light behind the card. So it looks like the pumpkin is glowing.

  Happy Crafting!

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