Merry Christmas from Wisconsin 2021! You are looking at me standing on an old dock. The river has frozen over and it's very foggy. As thick as pea soup.

Merry Christmas From Wisconsin To You 2021

Merry Christmas! Wisconsin is known for its many lakes. It becomes a true winter wonderland when they freeze over. One can not help but to get out on the ice for a little fun!

This day just happened to be a lot more fun and rather unusual. We had fog here that was as thick as pea soup which made for some fun photos.

You are looking at my oldest son. Standing out on a dock over a frozen lake. There is a thick as pea soup surrounding him. Merry Christmas from Wisconsin 2021!

Ice fishing is a popular sport here and you’ll see many a fisherman out on those frozen lakes.

You are looking at two old docks surrounded by a frozen lake. There's a fisherman walking on the ice going to his fishing hole. You can barely see him because there's a thick fog concealing him.

Soon the frigid waterways will be covered with vehicles and fishing shacks. But, for now, while we wait for the ice to thicken, we’ll just have to go by foot to that favorite fishing spot.

You are looking at a fisherman walking on a frozen lake. It's very foggy you can only see a slight silhouette of him. Merry Christmas from Wisconsin 2021!

Safety First

Just a little friendly advice before heading out on the ice: check with the local authorities or ice fisherman to see when it is safe to venture out. Also, find out which lakes are best and where the main water channels flow. The ice can be very thin and unsafe over moving water. The weather needs to be very cold for a good long time so the ice layer can thicken enough to tread on.

Also, wear appropriate clothing and boots with ice cleats. It’s recommended to carry a set of life saving ice picks just in case someone falls through. They are invaluable when trying to pull yourself or someone else out of the icy cold water. Other good items to have on hand include paracord and a few hand warmers. All these useful tools can easily fit in a small side pouch around your waist or in a backpack.

I’d also suggest bringing a buddy along for the day. It’s safer and a lot more fun that way anyway.

Walking or driving on the frozen water is so much fun. Please be safe out there!

Merry Christmas from Wisconsin 2021 and Happy New Year!

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