You are looking at the Tackle Box, 3D box card I made from the Sunday With Dad card kit. This card has several drawer layers to it. So it actually looks like an opened tackle box.

Tackle Box 3D Box Card: From Sunday With Dad

Here is another great 3D box card from the Sunday With Dad kit. With Father’s Day coming up this would be a great card gift! I happened to make this one for my dad’s birthday, but it’s fun for any occasion. If you’re interested in making this tackle box 3d box card, you can purchase the whole svg file from

Materials Needed

  • Electronic cutting machine
  • Sunday with Dad kit
  • 2 sheets of green textured 12×12 scrapbook paper (I use AC Cardstock brand)
  • Scraps of several colors, including a shiny blue, orange, white shimmer, red, silver, coral, yellow, lime green, metal, and ivory (Or whatever colors you’d like. These are for the tackle and bait pieces)
  • One sheet of tan card stock
  • One sheet of 12×12 designer paper for the envelope
  • Stamps for occasion (I used a happy birthday stamp)
  • Blue and white bakers twine or twine of choice
  • Aleene’s Tacky glue or glue of choice
  • Small buttons or donut shaped embellishments for the tackle box and lures
  • Little gem stones
  • Glittered orange tulle or color of choice
  • Different colors of ink pads to match the papers
  • Makeup sponge for inking the paper edges


1. Once you’ve purchased your svg file, print off the included PDF along with the instructions sheet. It will show you the tackle box pieces and how to assemble them. I would also follow along with Mary’s instructional video. It’s very helpful in putting your card together.

2. Cut out all your pieces and ink the edges. I used a variety of ink colors that matched the different colors of paper. You can just use one color if you wish.

You are looking at the cut out pieces for the Tackle 3D Box Card. Lot's of pieces I inked. Around the edges to give it a more worn look like a tackle box.

Assembling The Box Base

3. Once all your pieces have been inked, glue the box layer pieces together. Also, add the embellishments. I used tiny black buttons for the hinges, but you can use what you have on hand. This is also the time to stamp your sentiment on the back tan box panel for the back of the card.

You are looking at the 3d tackle box pieces being glued together. I also glued on tiny black buttons to look like hinges.

4. Once you’ve gotten your box layers glued together, you can begin to close the box together to create the tackle box shape.

Stamp Sentiment

5. Glue on the back section of the card that has the sentiment stamped on it. That’s actually the opened lid part of the tackle box.

You are looking at the back of the tackle box, box card. It's the lid of the box opened and stamped with the word's Happy Birthday.

Lures, Worms, And More

6. Next, work on the inside panels with the tackle box gear. Make sure to follow along with either your PDF instructions sheet, or Mary’s instruction video on how to put the tackle box 3d card layers together.

7. This is where you can get really creative with the lures, worms, and the fishing line. I used small white and black buttons on my lures. Different shiny metal looking papers on the hooks add a realistic touch. As for the tulle on the far back fishing hook, I used the red mesh material from bags that hold onions. I save those little onion bags from the grocery store for craft ideas such as this one. I didn’t have genuine tulle on hand so I just repurposed the onion mesh bag. I’m one of those crafters who likes to re-purpose items into new things and save a buck or two!

8. On the front panel, I did what Mary suggested and wrapped bakers twine for the roll of fishing line. You could use what ever works best for you. I just happened to have some dollar tree bakers twine that worked great for me.

9. When the tackle box card is complete and you’re happy with everything, set it aside and let it dry for a while. I usually let my 3d box cards sit over night so they are good and dry. This gives me time to look over my cards to see if I want to add anything more to them or fix any mistakes.

You are looking at the Tackle box 3d Box card completed from the side. I sure does look like a tackle box full of lures, worms, and other bait. I used lots of fun bright cardstock to really bring it to life.


10. Cut out the envelope with design paper, glue it together, and let it sit for a bit to dry. Then, test out your card to make sure it slides into the envelope well. When I send my cards through the mail, I wrap them in thin bubble wrap, then place them in a padded envelope. This helps to insure your card will get to its recipient safely. I personally have never had issues with my cards getting beat up through the mail.

You are looking at the envelope I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo 3. The envelope with the tackle box card svg file. I used designer paper in teal to go with the box card.

If you’re a crafter and have an electronic cutting machine, give the 3d box cards a try. Once you do, you’ll never want to go back to the basic cards. They do take a bit longer to make, but are oh so worth it when your done. Whomever you’re gifting your card to will surely be impressed.

Happy Crafting!

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  • Loretta Catlett

    I would like the tackle box card template but I have an old circuit which does not support the design space and I can not download the SVG file . How can I receive the measurements for the pieces and instructions. Please let me know

    • Kimberly

      Hi Loretta, I know just how you feel, I still have my original cricut machine and ran into the same problem. I decided to go with the silhouette cameo instead of a new cricut. Because I had more freedom with it. Those machines are a big expense, and it took me a while to save up for a new one. I’m very happy with my cameo 3 and have used it almost daily. I hope you’ll be able to upgrade. So you can enjoy the use of those amazing svg projects out there. Happy crafting!

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