You are looking at a half roll of toilet paper that I'm going to use as an April Fool Joke. This is from my post, April Fools Joke: With a Roll Of Toilet Paper.

April Fools Joke: With A Roll Of Toilet Paper

An April Fools joke with a roll of toilet paper, couldn’t be more appropriate. Since toilet paper has been the main topic in everyone’s conversations. I thought what a fun gag to play with for an April Fools day joke. It’s good clean fun and one that will work for all ages. They will sit there endlessly rolling the tp round and around looking for the end.

I love playing fun April Fool Jokes on my family and friends, it keeps them wondering what else I have planned through out the day. When my kids were little I’d take faux ice cubes with faux bugs inside them, and put the cubes in their drinks. It would surprise them at first, until they realized mom played a joke, they loved it after they figured it out. Then for the rest of day they’d try to April Fools joke, me back with those ice cubes. Those are the memories that will truly last a life time and be passed on.

Everyone could use a laugh and a little clean fun right now, especially during this difficult shut in time from the covid19.

What You Need

  • One partially full roll of toilet paper
  • A can of very sticky hairspray

You are looking at a partial used toilet paper and hairspray. I'll spray the hairspray on the edges of the tp so it can't roll. This is from my post, April Fools Joke With A Roll Of Toilet Paper.


Take your roll of toilet paper and spray down the loose edges with a bit of hairspray. Making sure the hairspray holds down the edges and it’s fully dried before placing it on the tp holder.

That’s it your done, now just wait for your unsuspecting April Fools Joke victim to use the restroom. They will roll and roll, but won’t be able to get the loose edge free, and it will drive them crazy! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find the end of the toilet paper. Mean while you can have a good laugh while trying to keep that poker face, lol!

This little joke can be re-set up quickly for the next April Fool to use the bathroom.

Wishing you all a great April Fools Day Joke, and maybe even one done with a roll of toilet paper.



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