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It’s My Two Year Blog Anniversary Today

It’s my two year blog anniversary today. What a couple of years it has been! So much has changed for me in the last two years. Having a blog has been a dream of mine since the early days of the internet. Fast forward 20 years, and that dream finally became a reality. So this is a very special thanks to my son and daughter in-law who helped me to jump into the world blogging.

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Photos Food And Fun

The name Photos Food And Fun came from trying to brainstorm a domain name that hadn’t already been claimed. I wanted something simple, fun, and that said it all. Something that described what I loved doing!

Writing is not my strength, as you may have noticed. I’m not ashamed to say that. I deal with Dyslexia, so writing can be a very big challenge for me. Blogging has helped tremendously with addressing my writing dilemma. As they say: practice makes perfect. My heart really goes out to those of you who struggle with this issue. No one knows how frustrating it can be just trying to write even the simplest of sentences.

You are looking at two snowflakes in macro. Up close macro photography. They are very detailed and six sided. They look very Lacey almost like a doily. This is from my blog post, It's My Two Year Blog Anniversary.


My first love is photography, and boy do I take a lot of pictures! So much so, that I’ve reached the maximum shutter count on my Nikon D7000. That’s around 150,000 clicks. Yes, it’s time for an upgrade, and I’ve been saving up for a new camera. I’m just waiting to see which direction Nikon is going with its newer cameras. There is a big push to go mirrorless and I haven’t decided if I want to go that route just yet. I’m sure I will eventually go with a mirrorless model. If I do, I’m looking at an old favorite: the Nikon D750.

Nikon released a new D780 to replace the D750, but the cost is quite high for what you get in the new camera. So, I’ll sit and wait for a great deal on a new D750. Until then, I’ll be grateful for what I have, and will keep clicking away with my old faithful D7000.

My real true love in photography is macro, or extreme close up photography, usually of small subjects. Bugs and especially spiders, are my favorite specimens to macro. When looking at them up close, you can really watch their personalities come through.

Snowflakes are also my close second favorite in macro photography. It truly amazes me the different sizes and shapes these little crystals come in. I get pretty excited when the white stuff comes down from the sky, waiting to see which crystal shapes will be made for the day.

Then there’s the Lensball, this little prop has be a lot of fun! I can take it with me anywhere and it’s small enough to carry it in my coat pocket. If you love playing around with fun photography props, give the Lensball a try. I can’t wait till the warmer months because the reflection through the crystal ball of flowers will be stunning!

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Who doesn’t like food!? I’m a low carb/keto eater, so I love trying out new recipes. The low carb world has come a long way since I got into it 20 year ago. I’ll be writing about low carb/keto recipes as well as non low carb recipes – especially the ones that have been passed down to me from family. I have several recipes handed down to me by my grandma that I’m going to share with you all over the next few months.

Right now, it’s maple syrup season, so I’m very busy with collecting sap and boiling it down into maple syrup. I love this time of year, it’s very exciting! Maple sugaring is a wonderful process. Making your own syrup, sugar, candy, and maple cream is very rewarding.

Then, right after syrup season, it’s gardening time. The fun keeps coming. It doesn’t matter the size of your garden. What matters is, that your grew your food yourself. I’m a true believer in self-reliance, it’s very satisfying as well as money saving. I love to can what I grow from my garden. The canned treats help get me through the winter months. The best thing about my canning is I know what’s going into my food, which should be a big concern to everyone. There’re way too many harmful chemicals in mainstream groceries these days. It’s so sad what they’ve done to our food. I could go one and on about that one.

Speaking of canned foods, since it’s my two year blog anniversary today, I celebrated with a dinner of bbq shredded pork and canned five pint jars with the left overs. It’s good to have on hand when your in a hurry and you need a quick lunch or dinner.

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Fun. Yes, fun. You can never have to much fun in life! My type of fun includes lots of hiking and venturing outdoors as much as possible. Being out in nature is my thing, especially with my camera in hand. Having a camera has opened up a new world for me. It’s taken me to new places I never thought of going to, and has opened my eyes to the real beauty of nature up close and personal.

I try to go out on walks everyday, weather permitting. This is my way of releasing stress from my day and to clear my thoughts or come up with new blogging ideas.


I would like to say a big Thank You to both of my sons and my daughter in-law today on the two year anniversary of my blog. You’ve been such a great help and blessing through my blogging journey and a constant encouragement to keep it going.

Dakota and Robin have a very informative website called They share their expertise in money saving, budgeting and frugal living. Dakota is also a website Designer. If your interested in having your own site built he may be able to help.

I’m one who doesn’t give up easily, and will go down fighting for what I believe in. I most certainly wasn’t going to let dyslexia beat me at this writing game!

I’d also like to thank all of you out there who stopped by and visited my blog over the past two years. I hope you’ve enjoyed the content and were able to learn something new along the way.






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