You are looking at a row of luminary lights along an old train track. THat you can snowshoe or hike along side. This was an event put on by the town of Merrill, Wisconsin. This from my post, "Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes".

Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes

Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes are one way to beat the winter blues and enjoy some winter fun. All around the state of Wisconsin you can find Luminary hikes, around the towns or in the parks. These events are usually free so this is a really fun activity for family’s.

You are looking at the trail along side the Wisconsin River. The trail was lit up with candlelight for snowshoeing or hiking.

River Bend Trail

This candlelight snowshoe hike event took place in Merrill, Wisconsin at the River Bend Trail. You are looking at the Thirvent Trail, lit by candlelit along side the Wisconsin River.

Trirvent Trail Loop

Participants are welcome to hike on the plowed trail, or snowshoe on the side of the trail.Then take a detour onto the candlelit Trirvent Trail and loop near the bridge.

You are looking at the Merrill Dam on the Wisconsin River. You pass by the dam while walking the River Bend Trail. This is from my post, Candlelight Snowshoe and Hikes.

Merrill Dam

On the way back you can take the plowed trail or off next to the old railroad tracks or walk past the Merrill Dam on the Wisconsin River.

You are looking at the snowshoe trail lit up with candlelight along side old railroad tracks. I could hear a fox yelping off in the distance. This is from my post, Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes.

Snowshoe Trail

Route goes from the Weinbrenner Outlet to the Agra Pavilion.

You are looking at the Arga Pavilion where you can get hot chocolate or coffee to warm up with at the Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes.

Arga Pavilion

Participants can start their hike at either location. The route is 1.5 miles round trip, if you choose snowshoes that’s a good hike!

You are looking at a group of people enjoying the campfire at the end of the Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes in Merrill, Wisconsin.


When you’ve finished your Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes. Your welcomed to warm up by the campfire with hot chocolate or coffee. Wine tasting was also available.

You are looking at a Christmas tree all lit up in multi colored lights along the River Bend Trail. This is from my post, Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes.

Where To Find Luminary Walks

If your interested in knowing when the next Luminary walks take place, in Wisconsin. You can find a listing of them here.  Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes may also include cross-country skiing, and may provide free ski lessons. I know Nine Mile Park near my area, will give free lessons on occasion.

The luminary walks or hikes have become one of my favorite activities to do during the winter months. There’s something very magical about walking or snowshoeing through the candlelight.

If you decide to go one of these night hikes. Dress warm and maybe even bring a back pack and a camera with a tripod, so can capture the sight.

This is a lot fun for most everyone, and some of the luminary walks allow you to your bring your dog.

I’d love to hike by candlelight at Red Cedar Valley in Menominee, Wisconsin near the Chippewa River Falls. The falls freeze and you get to trek along it, what a beautiful sit that must be. I’ll have to put that one on my bucket list!

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