• You are looking a toasted pecans with real maple syrup. Made with my hand made syrup with cinnamon and a bit of sea salt.

    Toasted Pecans With Real Maple Syrup

    When maple sugaring season begins at my home, I love to start it off with toasted pecans using our own real maple syrup from the first batch of the year. If you love pecans and natural maple syrup, then you’re really going to love this recipe. It’s a combination of sweet and salty goodness with a little cinnamon added in. This recipe is so quick and easy, it will become a family favorite! These treats are very versatile and can be made anytime of the year for any occasion. You could even make up a batch or two and give it out for gifts. Who wouldn’t want to receive a…

  • You are looking at a single five gallon test bucket. With a hose attached to the maple tree from a spill. That goes down into the bucket. I'm testing to see if the maple sap is running yet. If it is, I'll tap my other trees for maple syrup season.

    Maple Tapping Time In Central Wisconsin

    It’s that wonderful time of the year again: maple tapping season in Wisconsin! The temps have begun to warm up above freezing during the day time, while dropping below freezing at night time. This is the time I keep a very close eye on the weather. When we have at least a week straight of the right temperatures, I drill a test tap to see if any of that sweet delicious maple water is running. I’d say most folks don’t do a test tap, they just go for it all right away. For me I like to test one tree to see if it’s flowing before tapping them all. I…