• You are looking at a quart canning jar. Filled with chive blossoms and white wine vinegar. This will steep in the refrigerator for two weeks. The chive blossoms will give he vinegar an onion garlic flavor. Ready to be made into salad dressings, sauces or marinades.

    Chive Blossom White Wine Vinegar

    Chive Blossom White Wine Vinegar adds a whole new level of flavor to your foods.  The blossoms have a very mild onion and garlic taste to them. When steeped in a warmed white wine vinegar, you’ll get an amazing savory oniony infused condiment. What Are Chives Chive is a green vegetable that is closely related to the onion. The chive plant grows wild in Europe and Asia, and is cultivated in most parts of the United States. Here in the US, we consider it an herb and usually grow it in our herb gardens. The root is a small, egg-shaped bulb, from which grow long, thin, tube-like leaves. The plant…