Bride and Groom walking on the dock.

Wedding Day: On the majestic Lake Tahoe

Wedding Day on the majestic Lake Tahoe. I would like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Kearns. As well as their bridesmaids, Mika the mini aussie.

What an absolutely stunning wedding my son and daughter in law had. Everything went so perfect and beautifully. This was a true happily ever after story.

The ceremony was done by Robyns mom, Shawna. What a special moment that was, to be able to read the wedding vows to your daughter and son-in-law.

Everyone was dressed so beautifully in red, white or blue. Those are the colors Dakota and Robyn chose for their big day.

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The wedding was held out doors near the Tahoe Lake. The weather was a bit cool, as expected for that area. It was also an overcast day. Which is best for portrait photography.

So their day, was perfection.

After they were married the photographing began. So many lovely photos. It was difficult trying to decide which ones to share. The area is so beautiful, I doubt that anyone could have gotten a bad shot.

I absolutely love the photos of the two of them on the bolder. It was quit the feet getting the bride over to and on to the rock. But with a little help, she made it safely.

When we first arrived and I ventured down to the dock. I immediately noticed the massive rock resting in that beautiful aquamarine, crystal clear water. I thought to myself, there has to be a way. To get the bride and groom on that amazing boulder. Robyn and Dakota are avid hikers, explores and traveler’s. So how fitting, that their wedding photos should be taken on the rock.

Since they decided to have their wedding outside and they wanted to keep things simple. They decided on these yummy ice cream sandwiches from an ice cream shop called cream. So much fun and something different.

Dinner time.

To help with some of their wedding theme. I made this beautiful wedding cake and stand . It’s made out of paper that I cut out with a Silhouette machine. I purchased the svg file from The little wedding cake is a box card, that can also be purchased from

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I also cut out the little gift bags for the guests as well. They were also from SVGcuts. As well as the rose centered tea light holders.

Brides bouquet.

I believe this was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. If you know anyone getting married I would highly recommend getting hitched at Lake Tahoe. The magic and beauty there is breath-taking.

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