You are looking at one of the ponds that you pass by on the Mountain Bay Trail.

Mountain-Bay State Trail: In Wisconsin

Mountain-Bay State Trail in Wisconsin, is the longest rail-trail that travels for 83 miles through 3 counties, Brown, Marathon and Shawano. The rails-trail, are a former Chicago and Northwestern Railroads corridor.

You are looking at the information board at the entrance of the Marathon side. Of the Mountain-Bay Trail.

The trail starts west of Wausau, near Rib Mountain and along the Wisconsin River. Which travels all the way to Howard Memorial Park near the city of Green Bay. Hence the name Mountain-Bay State Trail.

This is a very scenic trail that runs through communities, farmland, numerous bridges over rivers and streams as well as wetlands and forests.

You are looking at a crushed walk pathway on the Mountain-Bay State Trail. The trees are so thick, it looks like your walking through a tunnel.

Mountain-Bay State Trail

The trail is either Asphalt, Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass, it will vary in different areas. Your able to Bike, Walk, Inline Skating, Horseback Riding, Wheelchair Accessible, snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing and snowing in the winter months. If your biking, you’ll need a Wisconsin state trail pass. Any bicyclist under 16, can bike for free.

Pets are allowed, as long as they are on a leash, 8 feet or shorter at all times. You must pick up after your pet as well.You are looking at a small pond surrounded by lush green trees, ferns, off the side of the Mountain-Bay Trail.


Along the water ways and wetlands you’ll get to see lots of wildlife. Especially the turtles, July is their prime time for laying eggs. They come up out of the wetlands looking for a sandy area to lay and bury their eggs.

You are looking at a turtle on the side of the rail-trail. Looking for a sandy spot to lay and bury her eggs.You may also see a frog or toad and even a snake. A Fox snake just happened to be stretched out and sunning him or herself on the trail I was on. No need to fear the snakes, they are more afraid of you and just want to be left alone. Just keep your distance and let them go on their way.

You are looking at a Fox Snake, who was sunning him or her self on the rail-trail. They are not poisonous and are rather shy. You may also see an occasional snail shell along the way as well. There are several birds, and other critters that enjoy snacking on them.

You are looking at an empty snail shell, along the wetland.If your a bird watcher, then there’s plenty of different species to gaze at. As well as other water critters, like beaver or muskrats. Just remember to bring a pair of binoculars to get a good look at them.

You are looking at a plaque near one of the wetlands in the Marathon County area. It says the beaver have damned up the area to create the lake. In the Marathon County part of the Mountain-Bay Trail, there are several plaques along the way so you can learn about the local wildlife.

You are looking at a plaque about the town of Ringle. It had a brick making company that was along the railroad from the 1870's to the 1950's. The brick was shipped by rail all over the United States.


I love learning history and these little facts along the way are fun to read.

You are looking at a plaque about the first snowmobile invented in Wisconsin.

The very first snowmobile was invented in Wisconsin! The folks here, really do know how to enjoy the winter months.

You are looking at the visitor Ice Age info area that runs along the Mountain-Bay Trail in Wisconsin.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail

The Ice Age Trail follows along with the Mountain-Bay Trail area for about two miles. Between Ringle and Hatley in Marathon County. This area is very scenic and rocky because of the ice that went through, pushing everything along.

You are looking at a section of Mountain-Bay State Trail that runs along the Ice Age Trail. This area is very rocky from the ice pushing through.

With the Mountain-Bay Trail open year round. Your able to enjoy the rail-trail in all the seasons. During winter your able to snowmobile, cross-country ski, or go snowshoeing. The trail is not groomed and users must share the trail. So snowmobiles must be watchful for those on foot. Skiers do not need a trail pass while using the trail.

I give the Mountain-Bay Trail an A+ rating. To get directions go here. The trails are very well taken care of and there’s enough room for both bikers and hikers. This is especially a nice trail if you have young children, the way the rail-trails are groomed. They are easy to walk or bike on. One note: Make sure you use a restroom before you head out. Because you’ll have to bike or hie a long distance before you have access to bathroom facilities. Other than that, the 83 mile trail is a great one!

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