You are looking at Snowmy Kromer a 30 foot high snowman in Minocqua, Wi.

Merry Christmas From Big Snowmy Kromer

Merry Christmas from Big Snowmy Kromer! Who or what is a Snowmy Kromer you may ask?

You are looking at a giant thirty foot snowman, named Snowmy Kromer. He is three tiers high with a giant hat on and a pipe in his mouth. With giant buttons and a smiling face.

Snowmy Kromer The Snowman

Snowmy Kromer just happens to be a 30 foot tall snowman. His base is 24 feet across while his waist and head are 16 and 8 feet across. The builders used two tiers of snow fencing to construct him. When you’re standing next to him, you realize his base is about eight feet tall! I think he just may be the largest snow man in Wisconsin.

You are looking up close at Snowny Kromer the 30 foot tall snowman. There's Christmas lights going around the rim of his hat to brighten up his face. This is from my post, Merry Christmas From Snomy Kromer.

He got his name, “Snowmy  Kromer”, from a contest that was held back in about 2008, which is when he was given his giant Stormy Kromer cap. It’s a real Stormy Kromer hat hand made at their factory. It’s in size 96. That’s one big hat for his giant noggin! His cap is only one of two ever made and they were manufactured in Ironwood, Mi.

You are looking at a sign which reads " Hello my name is Snowmy! Please don't climb on me or I will fall a part". Snowmy is the name of the giant thirty foot snowman built in Minocqua, Wisconsin. He's become very famous around the world. I got to got visit him myself this past week he is quit big. with his base at eight feet high, Lots of folks come visit him from all over.

Don’t you just love that cone nose and his big pipe? They’re perfect for a snowman of his height. With the smile on his face, it’s as if he’s saying ” Merry Christmas from Big Snowmy Kromer”.

You are looking at the side of a giant snowman, he's 30 feet high. I think he's the tallest snowman in Wisconsin. He's got a yellow painted pipe, with large blue painted buttons, and black diamond shaped eyes, with a cone nose.

The Legend Of  Snowmy Kromer

Legend has it that Snowmy first appeared in the 1960’s when the townsfolk started building a giant snowman downtown by hand every year. Recently, he went on hiatus for a few years, in part due to lack of snow. But in 2015, he made a surprise appearance. He went viral online and people from all over come to visit him. Snowmy Kromer is once again a tradition and has taken the world by storm.

At present, the town uses a crew and heavy equipment to haul in snow and construct him. We had so much snow this year that he is about two months early. Often, he’s not seen until January or February!

Merry Christmas From Snomy Kromer, the 30 foot snowman with a 24 foot base. My son who is six feet tall is standing next to Snowmy, who's base is eight feet tall.

Where To Visit Snowny Kromer

If you want to take a trip and visit the giant snowman, he’s located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, at the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center along Highway 51.

Merry Christmas From Big Stormy Kromer, The 30 foot snowman located in Minocqua, Wisconsin at the Area Chamber of Commerce.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Big Snowmy Kromer and a Happy New Year!

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