Green Circle Trail: Stevens Point Wisconsin

Green Circle Trail in Stevens Point Wisconsin, is a great place to visit. I am a lover of the great outdoors and try to spend as much time as I can outside. One of my favorite things to do, is checking out new hiking and biking areas. The Green Circle Trail in Stevens Point, Wisconsin is a 27 -mile hiking and biking loop around Stevens Point, which also connects over 45 miles of extra trails.

Plover River Park

The trail area we’ve walked, is the Plover River Park, the McDill Trail, and Iverson Trail section. As of now these are the only three areas that we’ve walked, but plan on walking or biking the full Green Circle Trail loop.

You are looking at the Plover River sign to the entrance of the trail. This park is connected to the Green Circle Trail, in Stevens Point, Wis.

This beautiful area winds around the woodlands, lakes, streams, over wetlands and parks.

You are looking at a goose swimming across the Plover River, In Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Apart of the Green Circle Trail.

There’s an abundance of wildlife to stop and view or photograph along the way, the geese especially love the water ways.You are looking at a newly hatched gosling standing a long side his parent. Near a lake on the Green Circle Trail.There are several areas that you can drive or bike, to get into the Plover River Park. The area I went to was in a neighborhood, that takes you to a path leading down to the water. With lost of twists and turns along side the water, so you will get a good work out. As well as having a beautiful view.

You are looking at a view from under neath a train track bridge. You walk under the bridge to get to the other side of McDill. The Plover River is flowing by the path.

Iverson Trail

As you go North through the end of the McDill Trail, you’ll come into the Iverson Park Trail. The Iverson trail is a fun area to walk or bike through. Because you get to go under a running railroad, and walk along side the river. Once you go through the under bridge area, it opens up into a lake and wetland area.

You are looking at the wetlands in Iverson Park Trail, there's a bird house in the marsh. A long the Green Circle Trail.If your a bird watcher, you’ll truly love this area, so many different species to stop and watch or photograph.

You are looking at a Sora Rail (water bird). Looking for something to eat along the edge of the water.The Sora Rail is the name of the little bird in the photo above. They like to stick along the waters edge looking for something to eat.

You are looking at a Red Winged Black Bird perched on a tree top.Not only is there lots of wildlife, there’s also so many different types of foliage along the trails. When we hiked on the McDill Trail, it was early spring. So not everything was in full bloom, and I still saw a variety of beautiful flowers.

You are looking at a cluster of small white flowers blooming along the Iverson Trail.

So if your a lover of the great outdoors, there’s plenty to see and do, on this 27 mile loop. If hiking or biking isn’t your thing, then there’s fishing, canoeing or kayaking! There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

You are looking at two kayakers out on the Plover Lake paddling around.

All though I haven’t hiked the whole loop, I still give the Green Circle Trail an A+. The townships have kept the trails, parks as natural as possible. I really dislike walking on the type of trails that are so overly modernized. That you don’t even feel like your out in the forest, nor have trails near wetlands, rivers or lakes. I love photographing the wildlife near or on the water, so it’s nice to be able get up close.

One additional note, is pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash and you pick up after them.

If you’ve never been to the Stevens Point area walking trails, give them a look see. I know you will really enjoy the area.

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