Family members standing in front of the Bryan 100 year old barn.

Bryan Family Reunion 2018

Bryan farm barn.

If you ever want to have a Family Reunion, do it the Bryan Family way!

When we have a get together, we really have a get together.

Family members from all over the country come back home to Wisconsin to the Bryan Family Farm.

To visit, eat, dance and well, just have a blast, fireworks blast that is! Yes I said fireworks, my family is all about having a great and memorable time when gathered together.

Setting up fireworks for the Bryan fireworks show.

When your having a big get together you should also add in a mini car show. Yes my family is really into cars, trucks, 3 wheeler’s to motorcycles old and new!

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After we all come together, then of course there is the food! Oh so much yummy goodies, from fresh fruit and veggies. To homemade baked beans, ham and dessert! What’s not, to love.

Family members gathering under the tent to eat.

As the day goes on with visiting, with loved ones whom we may not have seen in years. Reminiscing of our family history of the past and the future. Family members sharing stories.

Love knows no end, when it comes to family and its history. Mine happens to come from Scotland, I just haven’t found out if we are Upper or Lower. I do know this, we’ve had a castle in Scotland. So the Royal blood flows through us!

Family members eating and visiting.

As the day goes on people get full and the fun and games begin! My cousins did a raffle for prizes, so much fun and a very clever idea.Items to be raffled off.

As the evening is setting in we will get to enjoy some live music by Rough House Rox! My cousin Stack just happens to know this great group of guys. So he was able to get them to come and play for us all the way from Minnesota.

Rough House Rox band setting up for the evening music.

They play a little bit of everything, and boy can they play!

Bryan the lead singer, singing to one of his favorite fans! These guys are one of the nicest people you will get to meet. They were great with the kids and also allowed them to play along with them.

Bryan the lead singer, helping my cousin with playing his guitar.

My cousin and his little ones are playing on the drums.

As the night goes the more everyone gets up to dance, laugh and have a wonderful time together.

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When the darkness comes, the band gets a break and our family will light balloons and send them off. This is a tribute to our Veterans in our family as well as a remembrance of our lost loved ones.

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So we come to a beautiful end of the evening. Thanks so much to my cousins who put this all together and to Stack for bringing in the Rough House Rox band.

By the way Stack, you did a fab job singing with Bryan!

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