Looking through my Nikon macro lens. Seeing up close the variety of different snowflake shapes. From stain glass to crystal designs.

Wisconsin Snowflakes up close

Wisconsin Snowflakes up close with my Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 85mm 1:3.5G ED, yes we finally got some snow!

Winter just isn’t winter without fresh fallen snow. I’ve been waiting since before Christmas to get a day time snowfall, after all when shooting tiny snowflakes. It’s best done during the day even though it’s cloudy. It was a perfect day for snowflake photography. The air was dry with the perfect temp, and with very little wind. All these combined really make for a great variety of snowflake shapes. So many different snowflake shapes this day. Some you could see the rainbow colors shining through.The snowflakes with this snow fall, were mostly shaped like stained glass or crystal. Some very thick while others very thin with rounded or pointed edges. I noticed with most of them is, they each had a center crystal and were very 3d.

A large stain glass like snowflake with very 3d layers.It truly amazes me how those tiny little delicate pieces of ice can fall from the sky and land without breaking apart.

A variety of different shapes in this photo.From tiny crystal flower shapes to large six sided Lacey snowflakes.

The photo above looks like there’s a dragonfly snowflake among the flower shaped ones. Dragonflies are known as good luck, so maybe some is coming my way!

This group of snowflakes were all very thick crystals. Except for a couple, they were very paper thin delicate glass like. If your into the snow as much as I am and you love photography. I really recommend you add a macro lens to your collection. It really is true, no snowflake is the same each one is very different.

I just love this photo of snowflakes. They are the delicate six sided glass ones with tiny octagon snowflakes surrounding them.

When it starts snowing I’ll spend hours outside looking at those little crystal jems in complete amazement! Most folks have no idea just how beautiful a snowflake really is. Each single flake is a work of art all it’s own.

A single 7 pointed glass like snowflake.

Macro photography is a lot of fun, it opens up a whole new word. Also a new understanding of the tiny world that we don’t see with the naked eye. So get outside and enjoy the beauty of the snow.

Perfectly shaped crystal snowflake with a beautiful jem center.

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