Fog at the top of the hill is very thick. Not able to see much after a few feet.

Wisconsin Spooky Halloween Foggy-mist

The fog lifts then lowers over the hill.

Today made for some interesting weather. Fall trying to hold off Winter, which creates the spooky Halloween foggy mist. Warm hitting the cool with the added moisture.

Form my yard, looking out. the fog is rising up the hill.

I could watch the foggy-mist slowly rising up the hill. Becoming thicker and thicker. So I decided to go for a drive up that hill to photograph the rising fog, it was well worth it!

Fog so thick I can only see a few inches in front of me.The thick dense fog seemed to rise than lower, you could actually watch it move to and fro.

Thick as peas soup up on the hill.The beauty of the thick fog, is it gave the fall colors and extra added beauty.

We don’t normally get this thick of a fog, it only happens a couple of times a year. When it does, you can beat I’ll be out in it to photograph it.

There’s just something very mysterious about it. Maybe a little eerie, since we are in the month of October.

When the ghosts and goblins like to prowl around. Or maybe even the headless horse man come riding through the foggy streets!

One must beware, very aware. The ghouls may just appear out of know where!

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