You are looking at the Full Beaver Moon of November 2019. It was an interesting sky this evening. One one side of the moon it was snowing, while the other side was clear. It created a halo around it in a bright orange.

The Full Beaver Moon of 11-11-2019

The Full Beaver Moon of 11-11-2019 was an interesting one. On one side of the full moon it was snowing, while on the other side the sky was clear. This created and interesting haze and orange glow around the moon.

The moon rose in the East on 11-11-2019 around 4:33 pm. When it peaked over the horizon it had to climb above a thick layer of clouds before I could see it. Once it was high enough, it was visible along these towers. This is one of my favorite shots. photographing the moon climbing it’s way up to the top of the towers. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Moon Rise in your area, go here.

The full “Beaver Moon” of 11-11-2019 was at 99.6% full when I photographed it around 5:17 pm in the cold. It was around 8 degrees with a very high wind, but I didn’t mind because the moon in this atmosphere was amazing to watch. There was a haze that moved in and out in front of that big orange globe, then snow, then clouds.

You are looking at the Full Beaver Moon that has risen up above the two towers and is in it's bright orange color. There's a band of very dark clouds passing by it's lower half. This is from my post The Full Beaver Moon Of 11-11-2019.

The November Moon

Is called the Full Beaver Moon because it is the time of the year when beavers begin to build their winter dams. The November Moon is also called the Morning Moon, depending on the winter solstice.

You are looking at the Full Moon and the thick clouds have now moved on. This is from my post, The Full Beaver Moon Of 11-11-2019.

Full Beaver Moon 11-12-2019

Today, on 11-12-2019, the Full Beaver moon rises in the East at 5:01 pm in my area. The skies are clear with with no haze. The Moon is at: 99.9% Waning Gibbous. Now it will begin its journey back to the new moon phase. Maybe by that time, Orion, one of my favorite winter constellations, will be showing up. In the North, you’ll know winter begins when you can see Orion in the night sky. However, winter really began in October for Wisconsin this year. That should mean spring can begin in February. I know, only in my wildest dreams!

You are looking at the Full Beaver Moon just rising up over the horizon. This was taken on 11-12-2019. It's much brighter and more orange in color. This is from my post, The Full Beaver Moon 11-11-2019.

The 11-12-2019 moon was on time this evening, sometimes it seems to be a little later than it’s scheduled time.

Your looking at the November Full Moon on 11-12-2019. It's half way up from it's horizon and in full orange color. The atmosphere was very crisp and clear this evening.   Even though it was cold, around 11 degrees when I took these photos. The air was very clean and crisp so your able to see the moon’s surface very well.

You are looking at the Full Beaver Moon almost completely up over the trees. It almost looks distorted because of the heat waves coming from the Earth. This was taken on 11-12-2019.

The moon almost looks distorted coming up over the tree line. Love that photo!

You are looking at the Full Moon on 11-12-2019 fully risen. It's very clear so it's craters show up on it's face very well. The moon is still very orange sometimes the orange disappears quickly at it's rising. November sure did show us a beautiful full moon this month. It was very colorful, big and bright. It kept it’s orange for most of it’s climb up to the sky.

You are looking at a screen shot from my phone.That I happened to catch the time and date. It reads, 11:11 o'clock on 11-11-2019. This is from my post, The Full Beaver Moon of 11-11-2019.I’m just going to throw this out there for a little fun, because I know I’m not the only one. I happen to see the number 11:11 all the time, and I just happen to catch it on that very day and time! I was very excited about this and personally I know it means something. Maybe not for everyone, but for those of us who happen to see 11:11. If your’e one of those who sees those numbers, leave a comment. I’d like to know. If not, that’s okay. I wish you all a great day. Remember to take the time and go outside and look up at the sky. You just may see something that will amaze you.

You are looking at the Full Moon faded out through tree branches. I love these types of night shots. When the camera is focused on the branches in the dark, with bright orange moon glow in the back ground. Taken on 11-11-2019

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