The Blood Moon in it's complete red fays.

Super Blood Wolf Moon-Total Lunar Eclipse 2019

The Super Blue Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 was fully visible in Wisconsin. I hope those of you who wanted to watch this amazing event was able to do so. If you didn’t I’ll share with you what I was able to photograph through the different stages of the eclipse.


The Full Wold Moon before the eclipse began. In it's natural color brightly lit in the sky.The Lunar eclipse began here around 8:36 pm CST on Sunday Jan. 20th. When the Penumbral Eclipse begins that means the Earth’s penumbra starts touching the Moon’s surface.

The full moon is now beginning to darken on it's lower left corner.The above photo was taken at 9:30 pm so it took it about an hour to reach this shadow.

A 1/4 of the bottom right side of the Moon is now going black.Here we are at 9:47 pm the shadow is getting darker now and making its way up the moons up the moon’s surface.

The shadow on the moon has now reached the half way mark.This photo is a little out of focus and I didn’t realize it until later. What actually caused this was steam coming from an exhaust vent from my house. The steam was rising up a cross my lens view and I didn’t catch it until later after going through my photos. So note to self watch where I place my tripod near my house. This was taken at 10:08 pm

The shadow over the moon has now reached to the top of it and is almost completely dark.  It’s almost reached its getting ready to be completely blackened out, taken at 10:19 pm.


The shadow has completely covered the moon and it will now be at Total Eclipse.The shadow has now reached the top and the Moon completely blackened, taken at 10:27 pm.

The Moon is now going into it's Total Eclipse. The read is now showing up on the moon's face.The Total Eclipse begins! This was taken at 10:31 pm.

The Blood Moon in it's complete red fays.


The Moon has now reached its Maximum Eclipse and has gone into its darkest and reddest state. When the Moon is closest to the shadow, what a gorgeous site that is! Taken at 10:51 pm.

Total Eclipse is now done. The shadow is now leaving at the top left side of the Blood Moon.The Total Eclipse ends and the sun is now beginning to show its self. Taken at 11:27 pm.

The red is now beginning to fade and the light of the Sun is getting larger at the top.The partial Eclipse ends and the red disappears back into the dark, taken at 12:01 am.

The red has disappeared and turned to darkness.So now the Moon is beginning to come back to its old self again.

The moon is now half way lit up again. Getting back to it's self. We are now almost half way back through, taken at 12:20 am.

Over half way done now.The Wolf Moon is now three-quarters the way done. Taken at 12:40 am.

At the end of the Penumbral Eclipse.We are now at the end of the Penumbral Eclipse, taken at 1:03 am.

The Moon is full and complete!The January Wolf Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, is now complete! It was an amazing event to get to watch in person and to photograph it as well. I’m so thankful we had clear skies. It was very cold here, below 0 degrees. Towards the end of the eclipse my camera was starting to have issues with the cold.

Just a little tip before you bring in your camera from freezing cold temps. Place your camera and lens in a plastic bag then wrap it in a towel. So when you bring your gear inside, it will help it to slowly warm up with little condensation on the camera and lens. If you have your camera bag out there with you, and you want put the camera back in its bag. Place the plastic bag and towel around the whole bag instead of the camera and lens themselves.

One thing I really need to work on is my night photography. I don’t do a lot of night photos other than the bright moon. Getting that fine line of  Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO, can be tricky at night. It can be difficult to get that balance so you don’t get grainy photos.                                    I’d love to start with the Milky Way and have to do some research on which is the best lens for this. I think that will be my big focus for the year so I’m ready for the next big eclipse. Happy Mooning!



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