You are looking at a once busy road way leaving downtown Wausua, Wisconsin. I've never in my life seen he streets absolutely empty. Looks like a ghost own.

Stay At Home Wisconsin: A Modern Ghost Town

The order to stay at home in Wisconsin has turned my town into a modern ghost town. On Wednesday, March 25th, Wisconsin issued the “Safer At Home” order effective at 8 am through April 24th. You are looking at the main street in down town Wausau, Wisconsin. Never in my life have I seen these streets empty, it really does look like a modern ghost town.We will see how far into the summer months this shall last. The photos that I’m sharing happened to be taken the day before the actual Safer At Home order was passed. It seems everyone had already begun sheltering themselves indoors.

You looking at the center of Wausau, the streets are completely empty. Nothing but the tall brick buildings and the birds chirping.

I have never seen our hustle bustle down town so quiet in all my years of living here. It’s definitely looking a bit like a modern day ghost town.

You are looking down and empty street which leads to our Wausau Mall. This street is usually full with cars and people coming and going. There are a couple of vehicles waiting to pick up their curbside food delivery.

Carry Out

About the only vehicles that happened to be parked on the streets were for carry out pickup from restaurants still taking orders.

You are looking down a one way street in my down town. There are a couple of restaurants open for carry out, I hope they can stay open during this shut in Wisconsin time.

We have many very good eateries in the down town Wausau area. I hope they can all make it through this crunch period.

You are looking at a bank, a parking ramp, and other offices. Closed down for the shut in ordinance. The streets are completely empty not a vehicle in site. The Wausau area is now encouraging families to send only one member of the household out at a time to shop. This is to stop the spread of the virus. They are also asked to not bring their kids into the stores. I could see how this may become an issue for single parents, especially if they have no one else at home to watch them. Thank goodness for curbside pick and delivery.

You are looking a two of the churches closed down, down town. There is usually many cars parked on the street, but not today, it's a ghost town.

Churches have also closed their doors for service with many switching to online live streamed sermons.

You are looking down the empty sidewalks, with our 100 year old book store closed. It just reminds me to get reading my books I have waiting for me at home.

Our local book store has been around for a 100 years. I don’t think they’ve ever closed down like this for anything.

You are looking at the empty streets near our YMCA. I have never seen the parking areas so empty in all my 30 years of living here. It truly does look like a ghost town.

As you gaze down the empty streets, it gives you a little glimpse of what the apocalypse may look like: no people, and wildlife roaming the streets.

You are looking at metal are of a life sized elk. He seems to be the wildlife roaming around the ghost town, now that the people are gone, lol.Rib Mt. Shopping Area: A Modern Ghost Town

You are looking at a closed Kohl's clothing store. There are a couple of cars in the parking lot, maybe employees. Because they do online ordering and curb pickup.

Non essential businesses, such as some clothing stores, home goods stores, etc, have been closed for a few weeks now. Many of them are offering online ordering and curbside pickup services.

You are looking at non essential businesses closed for the shut in. The vast empty parking lot looks like a modern ghost town.

Grocery Shopping

After the first week of staying home, things began to calm down a little as people figured out their new routines. I noticed the streets and certain businesses started to get somewhat busy again. If you’re not wanting to go out into the grocery stores, online pick up or delivery is available at many of them. However, there is a week or more waiting list for delivery or pickup at some stores. The grocery stores are getting overwhelmed with orders so plan ahead and expect shortages.

You are looking at a " Practice Social Distancing" sign posted at one of my grocery stores.

Practice Social Distancing

In Wisconsin the parks and trails are open so people can get outside when needed. I’ve seen so many families out on walks in my area, which I think is a wonderful thing. Some folks are probably getting more exercise now than ever before. When I go out on my hikes, I have noticed people are indeed keeping their distances from one another, and they are very patient and polite.

You are looking at Lake Wausau an area I enjoy walking around for my social distancing. This is from my post, Stay at Home Wisconsin.


I feel this is a good opportunity for people including myself to do some rethinking about life. This whole situation has been a big learning experience for us all. For some it has been a little more difficult than for others. My heart goes out to those who are having a tough time adjusting or who have lost their job.

This is the time to take a bad situation and turn it around into a positive one. Maybe finish up a project you’ve been meaning to get to, or start exercising and eating better. Maybe even start a blog or online business. This is the time to get creative.

I wish everyone well. Stay safe, and remember to wash your hands!

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