Snow flakes in macro using a Nikon AF-S Micro 85mm Lens

Are ye the ghosts of fallen leaves, Oflakes of snow, For which, through naked trees, the winds A-mourning go?  John B. Tabb

Macro photography is truly one of my favorites especially the snow flakes. It amazes me how each one has it’s own unique shape and design.

Every snow fall that I’ve photographed has had it’s own style of these little white ghosts.

I get so excited when I see those tiny jewels begin to fall from the sky and think to my self, “what shall you look like today.”

No wonder the glass cutters look to snow flakes for inspiration, as they are the original perfectly cut crystals.

It fascinates me to think about how many little single snow flakes it must take. To add up to the feet of snow we get through the winter months.

If your into photography or just a beginner. You should look into a macro lens, it opens up a whole new world for you to see.


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