The south side of RIb Mountain.

Rib Mountain State Park: During Fall

I love hiking around Rib Mountain State Park also known as Granite Peak, during Fall.

Especially when the leaves have turned and begin to fall.

The golden glow it gives the on forest floor, is just beautiful.

Spotted leaves on the forest floor.

Rib Mountain State Park is opened all year round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The side I went hiking on was the south side of the park. This the most quiet side of the hill with less climbing, and more walking.

So when I just want a quick walk or jog, the south side I go.

Me standing in the woods, looking at the golden leaves.

Rib Mountain is a really beautiful area, if you’re a photographer there is lots to photograph here.

Today I mostly took photos of the landscape, especially the mushrooms.

Creamy white shelf mushrooms on a log.
Not Edible

Most shelf mushrooms are not edible. But the most famous edible shelf mushroom, is the Hens in the woods. The Hens or Chickens of the woods grow at the base of Oak trees.

two edible Hens of the Woods mushrooms.
Hens-of-the-Woods Edible

I was gifted three of them this year by one of my Oaks on my property. As well as some Oyster mushrooms growing on one of my Maple trees.  Never ever pick or eat any mushroom, before doing your research. There are a lot of them out there that look a like and are actually poisonous. Better to be safe than sorry!

Be absolutely sure your identification is correct and that the mushroom is safe to eat.

Hen in the Woods mushroom growing at the base of an Oak tree.
Hes-of-the-Woods Edible

I also recommend taking a mushroom foraging class, getting mushroom identifying books, and joining a mushroom face book group.

Shelf mushrooms growing on an old Birch tree.
Not edible

If you really take the time to look around, you’ll notice that mushrooms are all around. Even through the winter months, they are clinging to the trees and their stumps.

Old tree stump covered in shelf mushrooms.
Shelf-mushrooms Not Edible

I can’t wait until next spring to start my edible mushroom hunting. There are 300 different types of edible mushrooms in Wisconsin, so there is quit a variety. But like I said, do your research before putting your life at risk!

Rock resting in the center of the 'V' of a tree.

While I’m waiting through the winter, I’ll just keep myself busy photographing natures other beauty.

Milk weed bloomed.

So if you ever happened to like hiking, jogging or even skiing, in the winter time. Check out Rib Mountain State Park also known as Granite Peak. It’s a 700 foot “mountain” with 75 runs and high speed lifts, it’s a great place for beginner skiers as well as for the pros.

My son son, my hiking buddy.                                                                             


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