Wild mustang in a sage color. Only one of his color in the entire herd. He is very rough from his years of battles. With the other stallions.

McCullough Peak Wild Horses

Sage eating.The McCullough Peak Wild Horse management (HMA) is a preservation and protection area for these beautiful mustang’s.

The McCullough Peaks is located 12 to 27 miles east of Cody, Wyoming. 

McCullough Wild Horse sign.

So if you happen to be in the area or feel like taking a trip, I highly recommend you go see them. They are truly something you will sit and watch or in my case photograph them for hours.

These wild horeses are believed to be descendants of Buffalo Bill’s horses from his Wild West Show. If so, then that just adds to there history of the old west.

The horse photographed above, his name happens to be Brook Rose or Sage. I think I prefer the name Sage, because of his coloring. He blends right in with his surroundings.

He also seems to be the only horse out there with his unique coloring.

If you take a close look, he is covered in old and new battle scarres.

Sage holding up his head, looking around.

One this particular day that I was there, they were pretty calm. I didn’t see any major scuffles, just a couple of nippers.

A couple of young colts running around.

Most of them had finished eating, so they decided it was nape time.

Two wild ponies standing alone.

Most of the wild horses on this preserve seemed to be black, white, brown, solid or mixed in color. All but Sage, either way all were beautiful!Paint all alone.

This pony happens to be Oreo, he is also another favorite!

A group of three ponies that all look a like.

Family sticks together, they must be. Because the three of them sure look a like.

An old pony standing alon.

Not only is there the young but the old as well. This guy happens to have big hump on his neck, poor guy must get a sore neck at the end of the day.

One of the ponies is rolling around in the dirt.

There’s always time for a good back scratch!

Part of the herd. They were broken up into two different sections.

I had a wonderful day watching and photographing these wild beauties. Even though it was a very windy, cool Wyoming day, there was a peacefulness being around them.

If you’re a horse lover, photographer or just a nature lover. Visiting the Wild Mustang’s is a must to do!

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