You are looking at the Super Full May Flower moon. This super moon is supposedly the last super of the year. While many will disagree, we shall find out as the year goes. The May moon was big, orange and beautiful.

Last Super Full Moon Of 2020: May Flower Moon

While some may disagree if this is the last Super Full Moon of 2020, the May Flower Moon was big, bold, and beautiful! It’s name pretty much says it all. The flowers begin to bloom this time of the year in my area and they seem to be right on time!

You are looking at the Super Moon of May rising up from the horizon. Unfortunately there was a thick band of clouds along the horizon. So I was only able capture a small portion of the moon coming up.

Here in Wisconsin, the Super May Flower moon peaked over the horizon in the southeast around 8:43 pm central time.

You are looking at the Super Full May Flower Moon rising up from the horizon. The May moon is very orange and big! I wish it hadn't been mostly covered in a thick layer of clouds so I could have captured it as it rose. It was dark in my area so the orange color really would have stood out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of the initial rise at the horizon of the last Super Full Moon of 2020. Only a very small section at the bottom was visible because there was a thick band of clouds blocking most of the view. Even as bright and orange as this super moon was, it couldn’t be seen through the dense clouds.


Rising above the clouds


I don’t know about your area, but in mine, those clouds along the horizon are starting to become a “normal” part of the sky. I’ve noticed this for a while now. They are often there during the sunrise, moon rise, or sun set. It gets a little annoying when you want to photograph the full rising or setting of the sun or moon.

You are looking at the May Super Full Moon just rising up from the thick cloud band that was along the horizon. The May Flower Moon is trying to climb through the clouds.

Finally, that lovely orange ball was able to climb up above the clouds. The winds were blowing strong enough to where it was difficult to get clear shots. The whole camera was shaking around on the tripod.

You are looking at the big orange sphere climbing up out of a blanket of clouds. The clouds give the moon an extra added effect. Some may think it's spooky others mysterious. I choose the latter of the two.

I do love the effect the clouds give to the super moon. It adds a lot of depth and mystery to that orange sphere.

You are looking at the May Flower Moon, rising just above out of the clouds. It wasn't a bright as I've seen it other times. Either way it was beautiful in it's orange glow.

I doesn’t matter to me how many times I’ve photographed a super or non super moon. It never fails to put on a beautiful show. I always get a small glimpse of something new. Maybe a clearer view of a crater or a trail that has been highlighted. Taking pics of my favorite subject never gets old.

If you’re interested in learning about the moon rise in your area, I highly recommend going to Just enter your area and you’ll get all the info you need about the rising and setting of the sun and moon.  There’s lots of other great info on there as well. So, get outdoors, look up, and watch the sky!You are looking at the Last Super Moon of 2020. It has risen up above it's blanket of clouds with only a small patch running across the moon. It photographed very clearly so it's craters stand out nicely. it's very big and orange. As it rises it begins to loose it's deep orange color as the sun goes down.


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