You are looking at the June Strawberry Full Moon rising up in a bright orange pink color.

June Strawberry Full Moon 2019

The June Strawberry Full Moon 2019, rose from the 16th through 17th, what a beautiful sight it was!

How fun to have the beginning of the Full Moon land on Fathers Day. I would say it was a special tribute to all the dads out there.

You are looking at the June Strawberry 2019, Full Moon on the 16th. It was a very purple and pink sky that evening.

Sunday Fathers Day Moon

The photo above was taken Sunday June 16th around 8:30 pm, central time. The June Strawberry 2019 Full Moon was in the Waxing Gibbous 99.6% phase, near full. There happened to be a band of clouds along the base of the horizon, so I wasn’t able fully catch it coming up. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful sight! The the sky was in shades of purples, blues and pinks. The higher the moon rises, the brighter and less colorful it is. So I like to try and photograph full moons when their just coming up.

You are looking at the June 16th near full moon. It has risen up into the sky and it's now a bright orange pink ball.

I like to try and photograph full moons when they are just coming up at the horizon. This is the time when the moon appears to be at its closest, and most colorful, and midway through its nightly travel.You are looking at a close up of the June 16th full moon. Bright and orange pink.

At the time I was photographing the sweetest moon rising of the year, it was in a Waning Gibbous at 99.6% full phase.

You are looking at the Full moon just beginning to rise. It's slightly covered with clouds.

Monday’s June Strawberry 2019 Full Moon

The photo above was taken Monday June 17th around 9:30 pm. This was the June Strawberry 2019 full moon at 99.6%, with some cloud cover.

I almost didn’t bother to pack up my gear and drive to my favorite moon spot, because the evening sky was completely covered over in a thick blanket of clouds above my house. But, I just couldn’t resist the chance of possibly missing that beautiful June Strawberry Moon rise.

The June Strawberry moon has risen higher with some cloud cover. But the pink, orange color is coming through.

So, I’m glad I listened to that nagging feeling. Always listen to your gut! When you’re a mooner like me, it doesn’t matter what the weather is, you still try to get those shots.

You are looking at the June Strawberry 2019 Full Moon. Rising three fourths of the way above the horizon. The clouds cleared a little so more of the bright orange, pink moon is coming through.

I have been known to photograph the moon in -30 degree weather. Now that’s dedication!

You are looking at the June Strawberry 2019 Full Moon, now above the horizon. There is a thin band of clouds going through the center of it. Almost looks as if the moon has been cut in half.If you’re interested in knowing what time the moon rises and sets in your area, I recommend using Just type in your area and it will give you all the info you need, plus a whole lot more.

If you missed this month’s moon show, then maybe you’ll get to catch the July Buck Full Moon. Happy mooning!

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