Looking at the moon January Waxing moon on a sunny clear day. The moon is bright white today and it's craters are very visible.

January Moon: 77.0% Waxing Gibbous

Today’s January Moon: 77.0% Waxing Gibbous around 3;30 pm. Anyone else getting excited about the Wolf Super Blood Lunar Eclipse Moon? I sure am, so far we may have clear skies the evening of the twentieth. I sure hope it stays that way because I’m wanting to photograph the Wolf  at it’s rising against the horizon. Making it look even larger than life! If you happen to live in my neck of the woods and your going out to watch the Super. Dress warm because it’s going to be our coldest day of the year so far. So no one getting frostbite while you’re enjoying the eclipse.

I’m pretty lucky because I’ll be able to see the Full Super Moon Eclipse at my home. So I’ll be able to go in and out when I need to if I get cold or want to make some hot chocolate. In the years past Blood Moons I had to travel to an area to see them and photograph them. There are times when the moons have not risen high enough up in the sky so I can see them. In my area especially, there’s a lot of forest and the old trees reach for the heavens quit high.

A wave of clouds lightly passing over the moon. They are thin enough so your able to see the almost full January Wold Moon.Not everyone will get to see the full eclipse. Even if it’s a small portion it will still be historic and blood-red beautiful! I wish you all the best stay warm if you’re going to be out in a cold area, enjoy this wonderful event. Happy Mooning!

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