Looking at the January Moon Waxing Crescent. Very thick clouds passing over the moon. Creating a very blue hue.

January Moon: 21.1% Waxing Crescent

Tonight’s January  Moon: 21.1% Waxing Crescent. This months full moon is called the Full Wolf Moon which occurs Monday, Jan. 21, but will appear full the night before and after it peaks. Not only is it a full moon but a Total Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Which will begin Sunday Jan. 20th and into Jan. 21st. If you’d like to know what time it begins in your area check here  at timeanddate.com .

One of the best things about a lunar eclipse is there’s no need for any special eye protection to watch it. Unlike the Solar Eclipse, special eye wear and lens covers are required. Also hoping for clear skies ans warmer weather, because I’ll be out there photographing this amazing event. Wishing you all the best as well, happy mooning!

Looking at the Waxing Crescent Moon after the clouds have passed. The Moon is very blue from the atmosphere.


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