Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a…UFO?


It’s a very typical UFO sighting. Carter said it changed color and, in the physical report, described it as being about the size of the moon. And he saw it with about twenty-five other people. Dwight Schultz


Good question, just exactly what was it? On March 10th, which happened to be my birthday, my son and I went out for a good hike along the Wisconsin river.

As we were trekking along I happened to glance up at the sky and noticed this very large and brilliantly bright object. I was awe struck, and thought to myself. I’ve never seen one of the planets like that during the day and so bright.

Every few steps I’d look up toward the heavens, thinking this is something very different than a planet. It seemed to have a very metallic shine to it.

We kept an eye on it during our walk and it never seemed to move. It seemed to stay consistently right above us, as if it was watching us.

I knew that very day the planets were to be lining up, so I just assumed it was one of big ones showing off for us.

Luckily I’d brought my Nikon along and decided I needed to get some pictures of the object.

It was starting to get late in the after noon and decided I wanted to get home and get a closer look at what ever this was.

Buy the time I arrived home I noticed the object had moved more towards the South and had gotten a little smaller.

So I set up my camera with my Tamron 150/600 mm Lens and was amazed by what I saw! I couldn’t believe it, it most certainly was not one of the planets.

As I took photo after photo of this amazing find, I noticed it began to change shape. It seemed to change from a round sphere to an oblong shape. As I was watching it, the thing made a large swift move from the right to the left. Then back to the right again.

As the sun began to go down the metallic object took on the color of the sunset. and began to disappear as the suns light went away.

I believe this was a weather balloon but it was fun imaging it was something else watching us down here. Two days after we spotted this object, on March 12th, one of the local news stations posted an article about someone spotting and photographing the same thing. The station later updated the article with news about a crashed weather balloon being discovered some where in the north eastern region of Wisconsin. However, they were unable to verify if the object we saw in the sky was for sure the crashed weather balloon. It appears to remain a mystery!

What do you think? Is there other life out there? If so, do you think they’ve visited Earth before? Or visit us daily?



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