A wild turkey visiting at my bird feeder.

Happy Thanksgiving From Wisconsin!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Wisconsin, and as they say ” Gobble till you Wobble”!

The turkey in my photo looks like he’s got a little wobble to his gobble.

I live in an area where I have a lot of wild life. From deer, foxes, bears, wolves, coyotes to turkeys.

The turkeys stop by my bird feeders almost everyday, and they are a lot of fun to watch.

Never a dull moment when they show up!

I never know how many will show up. I’ve had a few up to as many as 30 at a time.

When winter comes and the snow gets pretty deep for them. They will walk down the sides of the road, up my driveway and on my sidewalks.

I really don’t know how those skinny bare legs can make it through the winter, but they do.

They may look funny, but they are very smart birds. Especially when it comes to dodging the snow banks.

I have several bird feeders around my property, one in the back area. One in my front yard and one-off to the side of the house.

They go from one feeder to the next, scratching and pecking at the ground. Trying to find every little seed, they can. Then back around they go again.

The feeder in my front yard is near a large picture window, where my African Grey parrot Amos, keeps watch.

The turkeys come right up to the window and visit with Amos. While he sits and preens himself, calling them kitty, kitty. Yes, he pretty much calls everything kitty, kitty. But me, he’s dubbed me as Bubba.

Where he got that name from, I have no Idea! One day he just decided, I was Bubba.


Amos my African Grey, tilting his head sideways.


What a character he is! I’ve had him since he was hatched, 26 years to be exact.

If  you look at him and the turkey, I think they look a lot a like. They also act a lot a like!

But you would have to be there see what I mean.

The bird family, just happens to be my favorite creature on this beautiful planet. I spend a lot of time watching and photographing them.

They have lots to teach us, and they are all incredibly smart!

Happy Turkey Day!



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