You are looking at a black and white photo I took of my Crow clan. They love coming to visit everyday and hang around the bird feeder. They are one of my favorite birds and fun to photograph. This is from my post, Happy Halloween.

Happy Spooktacular Halloween To You All

Happy Spooktacular Halloween to you all! May your Trick or Treating be fun and filled with lots of ghosts and goblins.

You are looking at a scarecrow with a banner above him that says

I wanted to share, with all you ghouls, some of my favorite spooky photos I’ve taken over the years. When everything is photographed in black and white it really does give you the chills, for Halloween night.

You are looking at a spiders web in black and white. One must have a spider web on Halloweens night. This is from my post, Happy Spoocktacular Halloween To All.

Crows and Spider Webs

Crows along with spider webs are perfect for Halloween decor. Just be careful where you’re walking, you may just get a creepy crawly on your face.

You are looking at an old abandoned farm house in black and white. It's over grown in trees, vines and weeds. Very spooky indeed. This if from my post, Happy Halloween.

When you go out trick or treating, do you like to go to the spookiest house on the block? Beware, you just never know who’s in there!

You are looking at an old church or school house in black and white. This building was abandoned, I'd love to buy this and bring it back to life. This photo is from my post, Happy Halloween.

Or do you prefer to do your trick or treating, at your local school or church?

You are looking at and old bench one a country path in black and white. Be care as you sit, it's looks as if a ghost is waiting. This is from my post, Happy Spooktacular Halloween To You All.

When you sit and take a break, check your seat first. There may just be a ghost waiting for you, bwaaah!

You are looking at an old delivery truck. All rusted and decorated with pumpkins and corn stalks. Ready for the Halloween events. This is from my post, Happy Halloween.

Spooky Ride

If you’d rather take a drive in a spooky van out to the country for your trick or treating, there’s plenty of old houses to see. I’m quite sure if you’d watch long enough, you’ll get a glance of something moving passed.

Country Ghosts Of The Past

You may see a glow of a light shining brightly through the window, at night, thinking someone may be home, for some trick or treating. But think again, no one lives there but the ghosts of the past.

Many a skeleton you will see, their old bones creaking and squeaking, with the howling of the wind. Keep your eyes peeled for those dark shadows that pass by. You know the ones that you catch from the corner of your eye.

May your costume give everyone a fright on this Halloween night. Have fun, be safe, and always check that candy before taking a bite. Look both ways before crossing the street. Watch out for those ghosts and the things that go bump in the night.

You are looking at a Halloween set up at an old spooky house. It's got skeletons with head stones and lots of skulls. Also several ghosts and pumpkins all around the yard. I took this in black and white for my post, Happy Halloween.

Happy Spooktacular Halloween to all!

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