A close up macro photo of frost on my windows, in black and white. Up close it's looks like fern leaves.

Frosty Windows in Macro

Frosty Windows in Macro, Black and White. With the epic winter we’ve had here, so far in Wisconsin. A person needs some thing to do indoors once in a while.

You are looking at fern like frost in black and white.

With me loving to take photos of everything. I saw the frost on my windowpane and had to photograph it! Have you ever took the time to look at frost up close? It really is beautiful and the shapes are for ever-changing.

A photo of the frost, going in a circular motion, taken in black and white.Window frost is a pattern of ice crystals formed from water vapor. Created when the temperature drops below 32 degrees F (0 C) which is the freezing point of water.

This photo of the frosty fern frost. Is very 3D. Almost wants to jump out at you.

Widow frost is also called Ice Roses or Fern Frost. They most certainly do look a lot like ferns, don’t they.

Your looking at a very tightly woven amount of frost. looks 3D in shape.If you look closely, you can see a fox. Along with his eyes, ears, nose, body and tail.

Nature’s art is truly amazing! The next time you see frost, stop and take a close look at it. There may just be something in it you’ve never seen.



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