You are looking at the February Snow Full Moon. Also known as the Hunger or Storm Full Moon.

February Snow Full Moon: 2020

February Snow Full Moon 2020, also known as the Hunger or Storm Moon, by some of the Native Americans.

I photographed tonight’s full moon at 9:11 pm Central time. The moon phase was at 98.9% Waxing Gibbous.

You are looking at the February Snow Full Moon 2020. It's just rising up from the horizon in a bright golden hue.

The above photo, of the February Snow Full Moon 2020 was taken on Feb. 8th around 5:39 pm. It was at 99.7% full with clouds passing by. The color of the Snow Moon was golden in the evening sky. I took this photo with my kit lens, the Nikon 18-140mm lens. This is actually one of my favorite go to lens when I’m out and about on my walks. It’s not heavy lens and I can pretty good close ups as well as subjects far away, such as the moon.

You are looking at the February Snow almost Full Moon. This photo was taken during the day time a couple of days before it's full phase.

The photo was taken during the day time on February 6th with my Tamron 150/600mm lens. I love taking pics of the moon when it’s up during the day time. You can really see the texture of it’s surface, even though this day was a little hazy. The moon never fails to impress me, I can look at it through my camera and always see something new. I could just watch the moon for hours and wait for something to fly by, like an airplane.

You are looking at the February Full Moon 2020 through a Lensball. It's a glass ball photographers use to capture the reflections, of the world around us.


The moon’s reflection in a Lensball, my new favorite toy! Lensballs come in all different sizes, the favorite for photographers is the 60mm or 80mm. They are crystal clear made of glass, and can be rather heavy. So if your out hiking around and carrying this with you for long periods of time. You’ll want to consider the size and weight. The one I ordered came with a velvet storage bag, a wiping cloth and a clear stand.

You can get really creative with these fun crystal balls, photographing them with water, people, pets etc. So much can be done with them, just be careful when using them in the sunlight. They are magnifiers and can start a fire in a matter of minutes. I’ve only had mine for a couple of days, so I haven’t had much time to play around with it. But, I really do like how the lensball captured the February Snow Full Moon so well!


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