Ducks and geese oh my

A heart with out dreams is like a bird with out feathers. Suzy Kassem


Right before our very eyes we begin to see the snow and ice melt, from the long winter months.

To me the first sign of spring is with the return of the birds and the beginning of maple tapping (that’s another story). First it’s the ducks and the geese, then comes the robins.

There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up to the sounds of the migrating birds coming home again.

It always amazes me how they all know the exact time to take that long journey again.

I’ve been pretty lucky to live directly in the bird migratory path. They all follow this same flight path, no matter if it’s the Crane¬† to the tiny Hummingbird. I get to see all types of bird species that most don’t even know exist.

I keep several bird feeders and bird baths around so they can stop and rest for a while. It’s such a beautiful sight to see large flocks come in for a day or two, then they leave. I don’t seem them again until fall or maybe not at all. They like to get their grown babies down south as quick as they can.

I’ve had ducks stop by, flocks of hummingbirds, many types sparrows, orioles, cow birds, cat birds, you name it I’ve seen it.

Birds mean the world to me there are more than 10 thousand species in the world. That’s what they’ve discovered and I’m sure there’s probably more than they know.

I’ve always been surrounded by birds since I was a child, they seem to just come to me. I guess you could call me the bird whisperer.

At some point through my life I’ve always had a parrot. One of these days I’ll introduce you to Amos my African Grey. What a character he is, I’ve been very blessed to have him in my life for the past 26 years.

So when your out and about, stop and look at the birds around you. They may just sit and sing their song to you.



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