You are looking at my beautiful brightly orange and yellow flower. This flower looks like it's in the Lilly family, but I'm uncertain.

Beautiful blooms during winter

Beautiful blooms during winter, what an extra special surprise! Even more special, because it has bloomed near my birthday. What a wonderful way to brighten up those dark dreary, cloudy, winter days. A sweet little reminder, that spring is on it’s way.

You are looking at my Lilly type, flowering plant at a distance. The light green leaves are very long.

Nothing more lovely than given the gift of your long-awaited plants, to burst open in gorgeous spring colors.

You are looking at the lilly flower up close. It's about 5 inches across.

My dad gifted me this very large looking lilly plant two years ago. He said it is a direct descendant from my Great Grandmothers plant. How amazing is that! How many people do you know, who have actual living plants from past generations. One day I will be dividing it up to my two sons. Hopefully this brightly colored cheerful heirloom, will be passed on for many more generations.

You are looking at the lilly flower from the front. It has no scent, but it's bright colors make up for it.

Unfortunately, I’m unsure what this plants name is. It looks like it’s in the lilly family, but I have not found anything about it. So if anyone out there happens to know the name and species, I would love to know!

You are looking at the back of the lilly flower. It's a very bright orange and yellow. The flower spikes are not as long as the leaves, rather short actually. The flower it’s self is about 5 inches across and has no scent. The two center petals are the only two with the little green nubs on the ends.

You are looking at the second flower spike. It's beginning to open up.

I just love how the flower spike is beginning to unfold. It will take it about 4 days before it’s open and in bloom. I keep this plant in a southern window and it has thrived there since I brought it home.

You are looking at a very close up of the lilly bloom. It's petals are a little ruffly, almost lacey on the edges.

It also needs to be watered quite often, it prefers a moist soil. During the winter months, I keep a humidifier going because it loves the humidity. I also fertilize a tiny bit with each watering instead of once a month. I must have done everything right. Because she bloomed beautifully just in time for my birthday, what a gift!

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