A bee collecting pollen in the center of a flower.

A bugs life, in macro

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One of my favorite macro subjects is bugs, yes it’s a bugs life. I love getting up close and personal with them.

The small world made bigger. The world that most don’t realize exists and don’t realize how beautiful it can be.

Every time I go to photograph a bug it just amazes me the colors, eyes, eyelashes and colors they have.

From a far they may appear to be scary or ugly to most. But up close, they are amazing to look at.

I think my favorite’s are the spiders, I love looking at their eyes. You can really see the expression of their faces.

The lens that I used for these photos is the Nikon AF-S Micro Nikkor 85mm 1.35G ED DX

The Micro Nikkor 85mm is a great starter lens if you want to get into macro photography. The VR on it really helps to keep it steady if your hand holding your camera. When taking close up photos.

I still recommend that you use a tripod. For better control and keeping your camera from still to prevent blurry photos.

One of my favorite tripods for my macro photography is the K&F concept.
It has a lot of features that most tripods do not and it’s sturdy. I’ll be doing a review on this in the near future.

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Macro photography isn’t just for bugs or plants. Just look at your surroundings and use your imagination. You’d be amazed at how different things look up close. Eyes especially are great to capture from people to pets. Not one eye is a like, each has their own texture, color and design.

So if your on the fence about macro photography, I say go for it.



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