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    How to make Herbal Tea From Your Garden

    How to make herbal tea from your garden is easy and refreshing. During the hot humid summer months, I love making my own sun tea. Mixing different herbs for an exotic taste, or just simply one herb at a time. Most Commonly Used Although there’s a lot of herbs, flowers and wild foraging that can be used for teas. But for this tutorial, I’m going to list the most commonly used and most readily available garden herbs and flowers. Thyme Sage Oregano Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass and Lemon Verbena Mint, Peppermint Lavender Chamomile   Rosemary Ginger Fennel Dandelion Basil Catnip Calendula Rose hip Echinacea Bee Balm parsely Borage Cilantro Passionflower…

  • You are looking at a Lightning with orange skies. I've never in my life seen such orange during a severe storm.

    Lightning With Yellow-Orange Skies

    Lightning with yellow-orange skies, something I’ve never seen before. Here in Wisconsin, we are accustomed to getting a few damaging storms during the summer months. But, this storm was just a little bit different. My storm chasing sidekick and I, were out and about waiting for it to roll in. I was hoping it was going to bring with it, some below the cloud lightning. Here in my area it’s rather rare for the lightning to come down below the clouds. So it is a real treat to get to photograph it when it does. From Green to Yellow-Orange Skies It had been a near 100 degrees with very high…

  • How to Photograph Lightning, you are looking at a lightning flash up in the clouds, with the city of Wausau below.

    How to Photograph Lightning

    How to Photograph Lightning can be challenging and very unpredictable. So if your a beginner, and don’t capture the perfect lightning shot the first time. Try not to get discouraged, it takes practice and there’s always next time. Even the best photographers miss those bolts running across the sky. Safety First First things first, always keep in mind your safety. Lightning can strike as far away as 6 to 10 miles from the storm. So that means when your storm chasing and wanting to photograph it. Keep at least 6 to 10 or more miles away from the storm. It’s best if you can photograph lightning under a covered area.…

  • You are looking at one of the ponds that you pass by on the Mountain Bay Trail.

    Mountain-Bay State Trail: In Wisconsin

    Mountain-Bay State Trail in Wisconsin, is the longest rail-trail that travels for 83 miles through 3 counties, Brown, Marathon and Shawano. The rails-trail, are a former Chicago and Northwestern Railroads corridor. The trail starts west of Wausau, near Rib Mountain and along the Wisconsin River. Which travels all the way to Howard Memorial Park near the city of Green Bay. Hence the name Mountain-Bay State Trail. This is a very scenic trail that runs through communities, farmland, numerous bridges over rivers and streams as well as wetlands and forests. Mountain-Bay State Trail The trail is either Asphalt, Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass, it will vary in different areas. Your able to…

  • You are looking at a group of exploding fireworks, in gold and red on the Fourth of July.
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    Independence Day: Fourth of July

    Independence Day also known as the Fourth of July, is an American national holiday. That honors the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Americans traditionally celebrate the holiday with family outings that conclude with colorful displays of fireworks. For a list of events and fireworks show in the Wisconsin area, go here. This is also the time that we celebrate the birthday of the United States of America.  The founders of the new nation considered Independence Day an important occasion for rejoicing. John Adams said, ” I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought…