• You are looking at Trout Lillie's a native woodland perennial that blooms early spring. It looks like a mini Lillie colored yellow and red. It's leaves are green with darker green spots. Happy Mother's To Us All!

    Happy Mother’s Day To All Us Mom’s

    Happy Mother’s Day to all us moms! Of all the things I’ve done in my life, I think raising young ones was the toughest of all. We all have hopes and dreams for them, but things usually never turns out the way we’ve planned. In the end, it all works out, and you look back and wonder: where did the years go? This has been me recently. It’s almost as if I’d been a sleep all those years and all of the sudden woke up only to realize they are all grown up with lives of their own. Where did the time go? It was like the blink of an…

  • You are looking at the Super Full May Flower moon. This super moon is supposedly the last super of the year. While many will disagree, we shall find out as the year goes. The May moon was big, orange and beautiful.

    Last Super Full Moon Of 2020: May Flower Moon

    While some may disagree if this is the last Super Full Moon of 2020, the May Flower Moon was big, bold, and beautiful! It’s name pretty much says it all. The flowers begin to bloom this time of the year in my area and they seem to be right on time! Here in Wisconsin, the Super May Flower moon peaked over the horizon in the southeast around 8:43 pm central time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of the initial rise at the horizon of the last Super Full Moon of 2020. Only a very small section at the bottom was visible because there was a thick band of…

  • You are looking at a once busy road way leaving downtown Wausua, Wisconsin. I've never in my life seen he streets absolutely empty. Looks like a ghost own.

    Stay At Home Wisconsin: A Modern Ghost Town

    The order to stay at home in Wisconsin has turned my town into a modern ghost town. On Wednesday, March 25th, Wisconsin issued the “Safer At Home” order effective at 8 am through April 24th. We will see how far into the summer months this shall last. The photos that I’m sharing happened to be taken the day before the actual Safer At Home order was passed. It seems everyone had already begun sheltering themselves indoors. I have never seen our hustle bustle down town so quiet in all my years of living here. It’s definitely looking a bit like a modern day ghost town. Carry Out About the only…

  • You are looking at a half roll of toilet paper that I'm going to use as an April Fool Joke. This is from my post, April Fools Joke: With a Roll Of Toilet Paper.

    April Fools Joke: With A Roll Of Toilet Paper

    An April Fools joke with a roll of toilet paper, couldn’t be more appropriate. Since toilet paper has been the main topic in everyone’s conversations. I thought what a fun gag to play with for an April Fools day joke. It’s good clean fun and one that will work for all ages. They will sit there endlessly rolling the tp round and around looking for the end. I love playing fun April Fool Jokes on my family and friends, it keeps them wondering what else I have planned through out the day. When my kids were little I’d take faux ice cubes with faux bugs inside them, and put the…