• You are looking at my Vintage Gas Pump 3D Box Card. This vintage gas pump made from off whit and green textured scrapbooking paper. With old vintage looking designer paper for the accents. Looks just like an old 1930's gas pump. I used a black and white ribbon for the gas pumps hose attached to the nozzle. I also added a matching green jewel brad for added interest.

    Vintage Gas Pump 3D Box Card

    If you have a vintage collector in your life, then this Vintage Gas Pump 3D Box Card would be the perfect gift! This fun box card is so easy to put together that you’ll want to do a couple at the same time so you’ll have extras to give for Father’s Day, birthdays, or just because. The Vintage Gas Pump is an svg file that can be purchased from SVGCuts.com. You can either purchase the gas pump 3D card by itself, or get it with the Pit Stop Box Cards Kit. The kit comes with a total of five different box cards. I’ve personally made four cards from the kit.…

  • You are looking at a quart canning jar. Filled with chive blossoms and white wine vinegar. This will steep in the refrigerator for two weeks. The chive blossoms will give he vinegar an onion garlic flavor. Ready to be made into salad dressings, sauces or marinades.

    Chive Blossom White Wine Vinegar

    Chive Blossom White Wine Vinegar adds a whole new level of flavor to your foods.  The blossoms have a very mild onion and garlic taste to them. When steeped in a warmed white wine vinegar, you’ll get an amazing savory oniony infused condiment. What Are Chives Chive is a green vegetable that is closely related to the onion. The chive plant grows wild in Europe and Asia, and is cultivated in most parts of the United States. Here in the US, we consider it an herb and usually grow it in our herb gardens. The root is a small, egg-shaped bulb, from which grow long, thin, tube-like leaves. The plant…

  • You are looking at the Side of Fries 3D Pop-Up Box Card I made for a birthday card. This card is very colorful and is a lot of fun. It actually looks like a box of french fries that you would get from a fast food restaurant! For the box base I used red paper, with a blue layer going across the front of it. With a yellow layer on top of that. I also stamped "birthday wishes" in a label. That sits on top of the yellow layer. The french fries inside the box are a light yellow color. That I inked around with a light brown ink. The fries are also 3D that stand upright in the fry box.

    Side of Fries 3D Pop-Up Box Card

    The Side of Fries 3D Box Card almost looks good enough to eat! Those french fries look like the real deal. If you’ve got a fry lover in your life, this 3D pop up card is the perfect gift to give to that special person. In order to make this box card you’ll need an electronic cutting machine such as a Silhouette Cameo 3 or a newer Cricut machine. Additionally, you will need the svg file, which is available here: Side of Fries Box Card from Svgcuts.com. You can either purchase the single side of fries card file, or you can buy the entire box card set, called The Pit…

  • You are looking at May's Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse. It's a beautiful orange ball with the earth's shadow beginning to cover the Super Moon.

    This May’s Upcoming Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse 2021

    May’s Super Blood Moon, also called the Flower Moon, comes with a total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday May 26, 2021. If you’re interested in knowing just what time the Super Flower Blood Moon rises, and when the Lunar Eclipse begins, go to Timeanddate.com, enter your location information, and you’ll get all the information you need about this event.   Super Blood Moon Rising If you’re in Wisconsin and want to watch and/or photograph the Flower Blood Moon rising, it’s scheduled to appear above the horizon at 7:51pm. This will be a spectacular show because it will be the largest and brightest full moon of the year! I’m also hoping this…

  • You are looking at a box card I made called, "It's Tea Time". It's made with pink and cream card stock and rose designer papers. There is a 3D tea pot along with three tea cups. In baby blue and cream paper. As well as a pink vase filled with flowers and pearl centers. Also a tray with treats on it. I've embellished this card with white pearls.

    It’s Tea Time: a sweet Box Card

    This “It’s Tea Time” Box Card is a sweet DiY card design from Svgcuts.com. If you have a tea or coffee lover in your life, then this oh so cute Tea Time themed card is the one to make. I love everything about this design, it’s just so adorable! It would work pretty much with any color scheme or pattern. Personally, I think it calls for that lacey antique look, so that’s what I went for. This tea time box card came from the SVG Box Card Kit at SvgCuts.com. The set comes with four additional cards. Mary creates amazing box cards. She’s very talented and offers wonderfully helpful tutorial…