• You are looking at a half roll of toilet paper that I'm going to use as an April Fool Joke. This is from my post, April Fools Joke: With a Roll Of Toilet Paper.

    April Fools Joke: With A Roll Of Toilet Paper

    An April Fools joke with a roll of toilet paper, couldn’t be more appropriate. Since toilet paper has been the main topic in everyone’s conversations. I thought what a fun gag to play with for an April Fools day joke. It’s good clean fun and one that will work for all ages. They will sit there endlessly rolling the tp round and around looking for the end. I love playing fun April Fool Jokes on my family and friends, it keeps them wondering what else I have planned through out the day. When my kids were little I’d take faux ice cubes with faux bugs inside them, and put the…

  • You are looking at three male turkeys all fluffed up. Spring is in the air and they are strutting their stuff.

    Spring Is In The Air: Turkeys Strutting Their Stuff

    Spring is in the air and the turkeys are strutting their stuff. Like many areas around the country we have lots of turkeys. When it’s that time of the year for the males to start showing off their stuff for that special gal. Gobbler The male turkey or gobbler has a distinctive fleshy wattle or protuberance that hangs from the top of the beak ( called a snood). The length of the snood determines the male turkeys health. Female turkeys (hens) prefer males with long snoods. The snood length can also be used to predict the winner of a competition between males. So when spring is in the air the…

  • You are looking at a picture of an image through a Lensball. It's a mural of the town of Merrill, Wisconsin.

    It’s My Two Year Blog Anniversary Today

    It’s my two year blog anniversary today. What a couple of years it has been! So much has changed for me in the last two years. Having a blog has been a dream of mine since the early days of the internet. Fast forward 20 years, and that dream finally became a reality. So this is a very special thanks to my son and daughter in-law who helped me to jump into the world blogging. Photos Food And Fun The name Photos Food And Fun came from trying to brainstorm a domain name that hadn’t already been claimed. I wanted something simple, fun, and that said it all. Something that…

  • You are looking at a yummy slice of Carrot Cake frosted in cream cheese frosting. This lushes cake has four layers. There's also two Mousse Bombs. One is Chocolate mousse, the other peanut butter mousse. These were my Birthday treats for my family and I. This is from my post, It's My Birthday: Having My Cake.

    It’s My Birthday: Having My Cake

    It’s my Birthday! I’m having my cake and eating it, too! We have a little tradition in our family, and that’s to get our birthday cakes from Sweet Lola’s. Sweet Lola’s is a cute little Cupcake & Bakeshop down town at 303 N 3rd Street, Wausau, WI 54403. They sell the most amazing sweet treats of every kind. Even though I low carb/keto, I will do cheat days on birthdays. Just so I can have my favorite carrot cake or mousse bomb from this little gem bakeshop. Check them out on Facebook! They have a little something for everyone, from cupcakes and cakes, to macaroons. If cupcakes or cake aren’t…

  • You are looking eight pint jars of canned chicken in chicken broth. This is from my post,Pressure Canning Chicken At Home Is Easy.

    Pressure Canning Chicken At Home Is Easy

    Pressure Canning Chicken at home is easy, and with the rising cost of food these days, it’s a great way to get more for your buck. I buy my chicken in bulk from Sam’s Club, or wait for my local grocery store to have sales on their chicken to stock up. When I pressure can, I like to fully fill my canner with jars instead of just canning a few at a time. Most canners are designed to hold eight pint jars or seven quart jars. Large canners can hold 18 pint jars in two layers, but only hold seven quart jars.  Make sure you have extra chicken on hand…