• You are looking at pure maple sap fresh from the tree. Stored in a quart mason jar ready for drinking.

    Maple water is so good for you

    Did you know that Maple Water is good for you, and you can drink it straight from the tree! Did you know that maple sap is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, polyphenols, and other good things? It’s delish with a slight sweetness. I think it’s the best energy drink you’ll ever have. When it’s maple tapping time in Wisconsin, I look forward to drinking my freshly collected maple water. This wonderful natural water is healthy and refreshing. My hair and fingernails really begin to grow after I’ve been drinking it! It’s the perfect drink to revitalize your body after a long cold winter. I really think maple water…

  • You are looking at Maple Cream finished in short pint jars. Ready for the freezer.

    How to make Maple Cream

    How to make Maple Cream or Maple Butter, the simple way with Pure Maple Syrup.  What exactly is maple cream or butter? It’s a delicious and delightful creamy spread or topping. Uses for Maple Cream: Delicious on pancakes Makes a wonderful frosting on cakes and breads Use as a filling for crepes, donuts, and pastries Mix into homemade whipped cream In coffee or cream A topping for ice cream Mix with some Dijon mustard or other condiment, and use it on chicken.  A glaze for carrots Pretty much what ever you could think of that would work with that wonderful maple flavor. If you see the terms Maple Cream, Maple…

  • You are looking at 20 jars of canned Pure Maple Syrup. The color is a dark caramel with a deep maple robust flavor.

    Cooking Sap into Pure Maple Syrup

    Now that I’ve shared my maple tapping and evaporation process, I’ll share how I cook down and finish the sap into pure maple syrup! Here’s what you’ll need: 2 Smaller pan (a stew pot, one that will fit on your stove. One pot for boiling down your final syrup. The other for filtering the finished syrup). Granite-Ware Water Canning Pot (If your going to store your syrup in regular canning jars). Liquid Syrup Defoamer ( defoamer is a vegetable blend of oils made for the purpose of making syrup. it helps to break the foam you get from boiling the syrup. I don’t personally use it, but you may wish…

  • You are looking at four of my maple tree sapping. There are four buckets sitting at the base of the maples collecting sap.

    Maple Sugaring Season in Wisconsin

    Maple Sugaring Season in Wisconsin is a little late this year, but sap is flowing now. I started tapping my maples this last week. A little late, but as they say, better late than never. If you live in a colder climate area and are interested in small batch maple sugaring, there’s still time to give it a try. There are 13 native maples in North America that can be tapped: Sugar Red Silver Black Box elder Mountain Striped Bigleaf Chalk Canyon Vine Rocky Mountain Florida The four most commonly tapped trees are the sugar, red, silver, and black. They have a higher sugar content and are the favorite for…

  • You are looking at my beautiful brightly orange and yellow flower. This flower looks like it's in the Lilly family, but I'm uncertain.

    Beautiful blooms during winter

    Beautiful blooms during winter, what an extra special surprise! Even more special, because it has bloomed near my birthday. What a wonderful way to brighten up those dark dreary, cloudy, winter days. A sweet little reminder, that spring is on it’s way. Nothing more lovely than given the gift of your long-awaited plants, to burst open in gorgeous spring colors. My dad gifted me this very large looking lilly plant two years ago. He said it is a direct descendant from my Great Grandmothers plant. How amazing is that! How many people do you know, who have actual living plants from past generations. One day I will be dividing it…