• You are looking at my maple tapping equipment I use for tapping my maple trees. There's 5 gal. buckets, a drill, sap spouts, tubing and hose. This is from my post, Maple Tapping on Leap Day.
    DIY,  Self-reliance

    Maple Tapping On Leap Day

    We started maple tapping on Leap Day. I’ll take it as good luck sign! This sapping season is much earlier than usual for me thanks to the warm up we’re experiencing at the end of February. This made for perfect conditions to start sugaring. I usually don’t begin tapping until mid March. This year is a little different, which is fine by me. Early tapping helps to keep the collected and stored sap cooler so it lasts longer. There’s lots of snow still on the ground which I can use it to insulate my sap buckets and keep them cold. It’s very exciting when it’s time to tap the trees…

  • DIY Fun Flour Sack Towels. You are looking at a set of towels I made using heat transfer vinyl. One is a pig, the other is a chicken.

    DIY Fun Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

    These DIY Fun Flour Sack Kitchen Towels are one way to cheer up your kitchen. Flour sack towels are all the rage right now and can add lots of fun and personality to the room fits your style. They also make great gifts for any occasion and holiday. I used HTV (heat transfer vinyl) on my flour sack towels, but you could easily use a stencil and paint them by hand if you want to. What you’ll Need  Flour Sack Towels ( I used the Berg Bag Co. 30×30 inch brand) Heat Press, Iron, or Easy Press Heat Pillow HTV (any color heat transfer vinyl you’d like) Weeding Tool Ruler…

  • You are looking at a Lensball in front of a sheet of card stock with hearts all over it. The Lensball gives a nice artistic reflection of the hearts. The center heart is red, while the others around it are black. This is from my post, " Happy Valentine's Day: With a Lensball".

    Happy Valentine’s Day: With a Lensball

    Happy Valentine’s Day with a Lensball! What a fun way to say I love you from a photographer. Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, mine is a little different than most. I’m just not into all the commercial ways of spending the heart day. Don’t send me candy or flowers, those things just add unwanted calories and the beautiful flowers wither away. I prefer to get a new piece of camera gear (a Lensball in this case) or a Latte, or to just pamper myself a little extra that day. No matter how you like to enjoy the Day of Love, single or not, take some…

  • You are looking at the February Snow Full Moon. Also known as the Hunger or Storm Full Moon.

    February Snow Full Moon: 2020

    February Snow Full Moon 2020, also known as the Hunger or Storm Moon, by some of the Native Americans. I photographed tonight’s full moon at 9:11 pm Central time. The moon phase was at 98.9% Waxing Gibbous. The above photo, of the February Snow Full Moon 2020 was taken on Feb. 8th around 5:39 pm. It was at 99.7% full with clouds passing by. The color of the Snow Moon was golden in the evening sky. I took this photo with my kit lens, the Nikon 18-140mm lens. This is actually one of my favorite go to lens when I’m out and about on my walks. It’s not heavy lens…

  • You are looking at a row of luminary lights along an old train track. THat you can snowshoe or hike along side. This was an event put on by the town of Merrill, Wisconsin. This from my post, "Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes".

    Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes

    Candlelight Snowshoe Hikes are one way to beat the winter blues and enjoy some winter fun. All around the state of Wisconsin you can find Luminary hikes, around the towns or in the parks. These events are usually free so this is a really fun activity for family’s. River Bend Trail This candlelight snowshoe hike event took place in Merrill, Wisconsin at the River Bend Trail. Trirvent Trail Loop Participants are welcome to hike on the plowed trail, or snowshoe on the side of the trail.Then take a detour onto the candlelit Trirvent Trail and loop near the bridge. Merrill Dam On the way back you can take the plowed…