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Sunday fun day, a day I’ll share some of my favorite things


Welcome to Sunday fun day!

This is day I want to share some of my favorites things I use and love. And maybe not love so much.

If your anyone else like me who struggles with the dry skin blues through winter, and have tried so many ways to fight it.

Well then look no further, enter the Salux Nylon Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth. These wash cloths scrub away that tough dry skin. They also help with unclogging the pores that cause those little bumps.

The pink, yellow and blue salux cloths are gentle and great for sensitive skin. The amount of pressure you use when scrubbing will make a difference in the smoothness of  your body.

Choose your favorite body wash, you’ll only need a tiny bit on the salux. Because it helps the cleanser to really lather up.

If your skin is really rough then you could try their, Super Hard Nylon Wash Cloth. This one is much coarser and may be to much for those with sensitive skin. For me it’s my favorite and my skin feels so smooth and soft with this wash cloth. It’s rougher texture stimulates the skin and blood circulation.

When you remove that dry itchy skin. Your body will be able to absorb your favorite moisturizers and keep you moisturized longer. Not to mention you’ll look healthier and more youthful.

If you use any self-tanning products the salux preps your skin nicely, so you won’t get an uneven application.

Also if you use the gentle salux everyday it will keep that lizard look away. That self-tanner can create when your skin needs exfoliating.

The salux wash cloths are a 5 star rating in my book and I won’t be without them.

Happy Health!

Disclaimer, this was my own opinion and I purchased this item. I was not payed for this review.



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